Cyrodil Mages Guild!

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An original tribute to the fucking awesome Elder Scrolls 4, Rock on!

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You're simply that good of a singer! I don't even know if I've ever heard such long lyrics on any audio submission. That's really why it's so appealing. I have never played the Elder Scrolls games. And they would have yet to make their most popular game. It's great to just hear your voice.

It is a little different than your current one. Thank you for including the lyrics. It's hard to come up with a best part. Maybe when you throw in that random guitar rock. You really know how to sing and I can see why it came up in later cartoons. It's easily your best audio submission.

Incredible song, really great stuff!

As for lyrics:
(Hello Outlander...)
Cyrodiil Mages Guild!
To protect and serve the Empire
with the powers that we wield!

Take up your magic staff and set off riding through the hills
Tonight the evil Mannimarco's blood shall you spill!
From Bruma to Bravil you go teaching right from wrong
You've a motherfucking deathwish if you fuck with someone wrong!

Cyrodiil Mages Guild!
The might of our magic, the power of our will!
I used to be a weakling just a pussy level 3
But now I'm the Archmage of the Arcane University!
No longer do I fear rats, clanfears and nyxhounds
I'm hard as rock with a magic cock and have been since I found...

Cyrodiil Mages Guild!
Ghetto sorcerer pimps with badass player skills!
I've trained in Restoration, Alteration, Alchemy
I'm a maxed out gangsta warlock with 412 HP!
By night I battle evil in some necromancers lair!
By day I ride through forest glens pissing off the bears!

Cyrodiil Mages Guild!
Too fucking tough for armor we wear silk and robes and frills!
70 damage on target and 90 damage on touch!
The Robe of Infinite Wisdom and the Blade of Fuck-you-up!
I eat all of my victims and do shits the size of trains
My breakdown skills are fucking wacked-out untold off-the-chain

It's not always
Been this way...
I once thought
Sorcerers were gay...
The Fighter's Guild...
I followed...
But they were a bunch of chodes...
So I found my true home with the magical tomes...

(and the bloody nice young fellas here at)
Cyrodiil Mages Guild!
In the last minute alone I've made 50,000 kills!
We've ridden (somethings) of Leyawiin to reach the Northern Plains!
Oh shit I forgot to recharge my items, f-fuck I have to go back...
By day we slay the Daedra, by night we rock and roll!
We're OG S-O-Bs but we respect our Elder Scrolls!

We're so fine and fucking mighty!
The Nine Divines hide in fear!
We're like Neo and Solid Snake combined with 80's Richard Gere!
If like my bretheren and I you wish to become skilled
Then pay your first months fees and you're in Cyrodiil Mages GUIIIIIIIIIIIILD-a


Epic and hilarious.

This is amazing! I would love to see this made into a flash, would be epic. some subtitles would be nice, as at times its hard to hear what the lyrics are. awesome job though!

Hannibal Traven would be proud....

By Azura, By Azura, BY AZURA!

That's one awesome tune, any chance for Lyrics?

It should be played in Arch Mages Lobby....

Say, How about such Mod? I could do it Myself, but i suck at scripts....

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