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AIM - The Spooky Witch Of Creepy Cottage

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(It's supposed to be called The Spooky Witch Of Creepy Cottage, if the title is cut off at the top)

For this year's AIM contest I decided to make a song based on this piece of art: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/catscr123/witchy by Catscr

I was inspired by it's spooky yet colourful tones to make a fun, halloweeny song, much in the way of Andrew Gold (the Spooky Scary Skeletons guy).

I made it with Logic Pro X


In a creepy cottage far away
There lived a spooky witch at play
Grabbing tiny bugs to chew
And boil in her brew

Casting curses, scary spells
Creating acrid nasty smells
Foul creations, horrid sights
That make her cackle in the night

At first glance you may despise
Her silly hat and cat-like eyes
But underneath, when said and done
She only wants to have some fun

In her spell-book, a wicked hex
A nasty curse, a spell to vex
She waves her arms in magic motions
To make her putrid potions

If you find her spooky hut
She'll turn you too a dirty mutt
She'll wave her hand and seal your doom
Then fly upon her broom

But magic power's not so great
She spends her nights in lonely wait
For the day these acts can end
So she can finally make some friends

So my friends that brings to light
In the story that I've told tonight
Our spooky witch is not so bad
'Except I'm rather raving mad!'

(23/7/16)* Thank you all for your reviews and critiques. I have now uploaded an edit that hopefully improves all the areas you guys have brought up.

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Yay! I love spooky stuff. And this one is awesome. Fits the picture so well! Love the idea with the high pitched voice for the witch. The xylophone solos are really cool. Also all your melodies, singing and stuff are right on spot! Love all this chromatic circussy stuff inside. The only thing which might be better are the organ sounds at the beginning and the recording of the voice, which feels a bit tinny but I have to say that I always think it´s better to have a really good composition than a perfectly produced but boring track and this song is pretty awesome and exactly my taste! Good luck!

A.I.M Judging Review
Really love it when people put the effort to make a lyrical track like this.
The vocals could have been a bit better mixed and leveled as it's difficult ot hear the words at times.
Could be because of the recording equipment rather than the mixing though.
The spooky sine in the background could have been a bit louder in my opinion.
Overall a really good and creative track with great lyrics, and fits the art perfectly. Only the vocal quality that deducts points.

Biggyzoom responds:

Hi there, thank you very much for the review. Seeing as the entry deadline isn't until the 24th, would an edit/remix be in according to the rules?

YAAAY HALLOWEEN. How fun. Yeah, sounds like you either need a new mic or more attention to mixing. But, your voice fits nicely for this kind of bouncy music. What makes me even more excited is that you recorded the witch vocals and cackling yourself. Major props. The clavichord could have been swapped for another instrument at some point, or done a little more than just plop chords throughout. I really like how the bridge has a major harmonic change that's pretty neat! More reverb on the brass in that section would have been helpful too. Overall, I hope you do more cute Halloween music forever because I have a fetish, but that's okay if not. I'll be keeping watch for more of your...voice...

Wow, I love this. This is really different, reminds me of older music definitely. It's a fun song. I would improve the quality on the vocals though, might be the way it's mixed and effects in the verse, though the rest of the vocals sound good. This is really fun to listen to :). Great work. Some of the vocals are drowned out slightly by the harpsichord but only in a few parts. Good job though. This is well done and reflects the piece nicely.

Fine, I didn't want to win the AIM anyways.

This song is great, and perfectly reflects the art.

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4.80 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2016
2:23 PM EDT
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