desert breaks


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the intro are not bad.... I find that it helps to appreciate the sound .... it 's really repetitive without really be bad....

otherwise i find this have leak of personnality.... it lacks personal touch.... and it's really an striped sound... You should more mastering and clear your future tracks.

This isn't terrible. 3/5 stars.

Keep up the good work! you have potential! just more mastering and better sound.

Prepare to get roasted muahahahahahha just kidding.

Starts off awesome. Love the build-up. Could have used a stronger snare however.

At 0:30 shit gets real. The voices are a great addition. It was interesting to hear them together with the beat and nothing else.

From 0:57 until 1:24 it kinda ruined it for me, doesn't seem to fit together with the rest of the song at all. The synth and the chords sound too mellow and off.

At 1:38, same as I said earlier, needs a stronger snare.

At 2:19 it's back to business, similar to 0:30. I consider these parts, and 1:52, to be the best parts of the song. They are the most catchy, there is a perfect balance between wobbly sounds and voices together with the beat.

- Catchy as ยค&#()/)!#"!!!!!!
- Snare is too weak, especially at the build-up parts

So yeah you got roasted I guess :P

Sequenced responds:

Breakbeat generally doesn't have snares that loud.

The part at 0:58 was a bit experimental; just trying to fill in time I guess

Some synths didn't really fit in that well, for example the bass starting at 0:30. I think that it should be more low-end, and have a bit more punch to it. The brass starting at 1:24 also sounds kinda low quality. Some snare choices were also a bit odd to my ear considering rest of the track.

Those sliced vocals were an awesome touch though ^^! They fit really well with the other instruments, especially the acid-ish synth.

Structure-wise it is solid. Some transitions were quite minimalistic, but dont take away from the listening experience.

Maybe the biggest change i would personally have made would've been adding pad there, but i put pad literally everywhere, and its more of a stylistic choice anyways.

for some reason i found your track quite difficult to review. Well i did my best to roast ya.

Lol who am i to judge Sequenced's music xD
But still, i feel this song is a bit weird and not really well-structured;but i love the wubs and the way you scliced and edit the vocals.Keep it up man!

I really like it! It has a loot of good beats, and I like that! Keep it up!

Sequenced responds:

thanks man

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Jun 3, 2016
3:21 AM EDT
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