Champion Lance

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Who else just said "I want epicness"??... So, if you did so, here is your wish came true... Personally, I think Lance's theme is the most epic and impressive battle theme of the whole Pokemon saga... I always wanted to remix it, but until today I took enough inspiration and musical knowledge to do it.
It took a great effort for me to get this electro symphonic arrangement as the epic piece I always wanted to do and hear.

I hope you really get excited with this super classic from Pokemon Gold and Silver, and hail the best champion character of the whole story. Thank you to you all for your support and love.

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Omg it's so epic!!!!

Not really a review here: I can only advise to read TaintedLogic's stuff, as it defintely seems critically enjoyable and fair. As for me, well, I go by video game musical standards, since that's the origin of this track, so to me, the overall melody is absolutely magificent, respects the spirit of the original and works according to the style you've been feeding our ears with so far. So... yeah, that's all I need to enjoy this, and you should defninitely keep experimenting to see what you can do with said style.

So cheers! And again TaintedLogic's wall of text is deeeefinitely worth readin', so enjoy yourself with that. (no I don't know the guy, I just read it myself, and it seemed legit enough. *shrughs* Not a musician myself, so my knowledge stops there)

I like the dramatic hits at the beginning, but I think the climax into :36 would’ve worked better if you had done more with the dynamics. For example, I would’ve begun the build-up at :09 with the bass very quiet, and then gradually faded it in and automated the filters to make it gain some punch only later in the phrase. That said, I enjoyed :36 itself. Nice job with the melodies and the call-and-response between the synths and strings. I think the drums get really lost in there, though. You need to equalize and compress the drums more carefully so that they’re more prominent in the mix. In general, drums do a lot to create drive and energy in pieces like this, so you want to be able to hear them clearly at all times. The mood of this piece is really fun, although I think you could’ve used a section where you stripped away the drums and frantic melodies for an extended period of time, just to channel a bit more of the emotion and give yourself some space for development later in the piece. As it is now, the piece is actually pretty structurally repetitive, despite the originality of the call-and-response framework. Later in the piece, you also don’t vary the melodies much from their original form earlier in the piece, which might’ve been a mistake. This piece is fitting for a videogame, but stand-alone piece should have an overarching sense of ebb and flow to them. You did this on a small scale, but not on a broader one. Also, a lot of the samples you used were a little cheesy, especially the strings. However, I did think the piece was quite catchy and harmonically sound. You did a good job of creating a full texture throughout. If you clean up the mastering, add more structural variety and dynamic contrast, and reconsider some of your instruments, I’d say you’d have a very solid track here. Until then, keep working at it, man! ;)


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lance is among my favorite champions and the theme song is the reason behind it, and this remix of it brings most of the intensity and heat of the battle to my mind without even playing pokemon, this is my favorite song that i've listened from you today

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This is probably the most epic Pokemon music i have ever heard. Great job!.

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