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When Day is Night

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Author Comments

I composed this piece in about an hour, yesterday (or technically, today). I needed to express some emotions, I guess. The best way I know how, is to play the piano.

Sorry about the weird volume balance - especially between notes and such; some are super harsh, and some super soft. The MIDI file isn't recorded with my normal piano, but with my synth, and it doesn't translate quite as well to the VST piano, for whatever reason. I didn't want to spend hours tweaking the velocity levels either, so I decided to leave it like this. My playing is a bit choppy here too, also because the synth is more difficult to play in a balanced manner.

Not much more to say about this one. Enjoy, if you can?

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You needed to express some emotions, and sometimes we need to feel emotions. Music is the great facilitator for that especially when one feels callous. Just laying in bed now listening to this on loop wondering what you've been up to. There are times that your piano pieces tend to be a bit of mystery exactly of what the notes are telling me. Or maybe its me in another wavelength that I have to tune my ears for to decipher meaning. It could be the fact that at moments the piano sounds triumphant only to suddenly change to a more somber moment like in 1:12-1:20. Even in the contrast between heavy bass notes at 1:38 dissipating to the eventual lightheartedness at 2:00. I think what's happening is it's like the stream of consciousness in the brain made visible/audible through the piano. Your fingers are like a musical polygraph. Isn't it obvious that this is about a flurry of mixed emotions (perhaps even about love) and not knowing how to sort it all in the mind and heart? Why else would one turn to the music anyway, but the notes reflect that as well.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for checking by and writing this review; it made my day when I read it, as it's so accurate. You've always managed to interpret music very well :3

It's a shame. I actually like this little composition. But the production is way off, simply because I recorded the midi on my synth instead of on my electronic piano. So the dynamics sound way off to me, at many a point. I'm glad that you manage to see through all that though! :D

The way I feel, it's very rare that you ever feel only a single emotion at the same time. usually, it's some kind of mixture, I think. So when I play or write a piece, I rarely make it only sad, or only happy, or only whatever. I play it like I feel it. That is also why I love chords such as Major 7 ones, as they can feel both happy, and sad at the same time. If you count the three first notes from the left on a piano, you get a major chord. If you count the three first notes from the right, you get a minor one (the opposite is true for a minor chord, with a normal 7!). In addition, a lot depends on the timing and the volume levels of the notes, quite clearly. And I don't know the scientific theory behind it, but somehow that ambiguity shines through the chords.

"Isn't it obvious that..."

Apparently it is, at least to someone with such a good vision (and hearing) as you, when it comes to these things. Even if music is free for anyone to interpret in their own way, and it can be nice to hear those thoughts, it's also a great feeling when someone sees right through the music, and has an interpretation similar to the composer's.

Thank you for listening, and for leaving a well thought out, and a well written review!

P.S. I don't want to pressure you, but I would love to hear some new stuff from you. If you have the time, maybe you'd like to enter the A.I.M. or the NGAUC again this year? Or just write something for the sake of it. Just saying, a lot of people would enjoy listening to what else you have in store for us ;D

Very solemn, yet majestic. I love the progression and moodiness of it. Seems perfect for a rainy day. The increase in energy at :35 was also much-appreciated. You did a great job of bringing it full-circle by the end. I even thought (on my first listen) that the riff at 2:00 might've been the same as the beginning (it's actually really close, though). Either way, this piece has high compositional quality. No need to overthink the volume levels, btw - I hardly noticed any problems. Keep up the good work, Ale! ;)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! I'm surprised that so many people seem to enjoy this track. I suppose it's easier for me to know how incredible it could sound with a more balanced production! Because I too, am pleased with the actual compositional aspect.

I don't know why, but I have the habit of ending pieces kind of the same way they start. Especially if it's a track about expressing the emotions, without making a real discovery. What I mean is, sometimes when you go through your emotions, you often feel a ton of things. But quite often, you will find yourself where you started after a while. So in the same way, this piece reflects the journey in the mind while thinking about all kinds of stuff, yet ending at the same destination as the starting point.

So indeed, the riff at 2:00 being similar to the introduction is very intentional. It's not the only place where the same riff is featured though! If you only count the first four notes, which make up the main sound of the melody (the rest being fills of varying kinds), you get this:

- There is the intro.

- At 0:23 there is a variation

- There kind of is one at 0:39, but it goes up instead of down.

- 1:08 is essentially the same as the intro, but more fleshed out, and with more power (fairly certain it's the same exact chords too though!)

- at 1:23, there is another variation.

- And as you mentioned, the riff at 1:57 is very similar to the one at the intro.

Thank you for leaving this review, along with a billion other ones! I just got back from a friend's cabin yesterday, and it's raining outside today. So I'm hoping I'll take some time to respond to more of these now!

Beautiful! I like it a lot, very dramatic. The way it gets louder and faster makes it even more dramatic. It's a very nice track, I can't ask for more.

Keep up the good work. ♥

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot, TED :'3
I tend to always play without a metronome, and I decide how loudly I play on a whim, depending on what I feel like doing. I think this is good if you want a more dynamic and expressive piece of music, or an intrepretation of any piece in general. Of course, not quite as easy to do when it's not a solo track!
That said, I'm not entirely happy with my performance here, but nonetheless, I'm glad to hear that you like it <3

*laying down comfortable, waving the finger around like a composer* Man this is great

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed my little piece :3
Thank you for listening to pretty much everything I put up! It's much appreciated :'D


LucidShadowDreamer responds:


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4.65 / 5.00

May 23, 2016
6:55 PM EDT
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