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You may NOT use this track for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without consulting me first.

Big ups to my boy Ryan Thomas (a.k.a. Impyre) for giving me the inspiration and confidence I needed to launch my rap career again after three years of deliberation.


Frost giants back to back
Hit the bank we hit the track
Billi gold we stackin' racks
Wear my fuckin party hat

AGS I'm going ham
Runnin' round wearin' H.A.M.
Stake it we not playin', fam
Grimy herb 10 for a gram

Runesquad homies we don't fucks witcha bitch-ass
Running on ya shit we is loggin' in en masse
MMO we got the lockdown on this server shit
Gettin' blue d'hide with my abbysal whip

Hit me up in Al-Kharid yeah we shmoke the Afghan
Ballin' so hard that I got 4 accounts and 5 bans
Yeah we keep that bank stocked all the with full bands
2.147 we ain't petty, man

Dungeoneering all the way to the lowest level
50+ wildy call me fuckin' daredevil
Scopin' out ya shit, get the skull then I'm off kid
24/7 this shit hurtin' my eyelids

Fremmenik trials? Yeah I aced that
Vorago, son I solo that
Herb skill cape? Yeah I got that
Araxxi, yeah I farm that

I'm on my next shit you can't fuck with me
Clue scroll sittin' in my inventory
Bling so bright that you can't see
You talkin' shit, I sip my tea

Bitches love me more than you, son
Settin' up my cannon gun
Then I make a bank run
Repeat till I'm done

Got more bars than a dwarven miner
You are not a pro all you are is a whiner
Your equip is shitty dog my junk is hella finer
You ain't got no heat dog I stay building fires

Slayin' rock crabs I be bumpin' up that summoning
I stay with that hella smooth flow you is stumbling
When I get ya ass all pissed you be grumbling
Stakin' all day all night I be humbling

If you wanna complain send it to my spam box
Watch the G.E. I'm invested in some hella stocks
I stay dominating son, you stay gettin' cucked
Welcome to the crib I got 99 construct

Impress the hoes with my farming skills
If it hurts your tiny brain go pop an Advil
You look like my greatness is giving you chills
Lean codeine call me Commander Trill

Bustin out the crystal hatchet this is not a game
Grindin' teak logs for them XP gains
Look up on the leaderboards, there is my name
You wish you had half of my fans and my fame

Runesquad homies we don't play fair
Runesquad homies we is right here
Every single day for 15 years
Goddamn that's enough to put a Slayer in some tears

Aw man shit dog member spinning that flax
Tryna get that XP while we stackin' the racks
Countin' out the coins is a thing of the past
Broke-ass players get put out on blast

Armadyl runes yeah we dominate the industry
Pots on pots Heisenberg call it chemestry
Since day one we've been livin' up in infamy
Why we ain't permabanned yet is a mystery

I think I went too Humans Against Monsters there if you catch my drift
Let's hit it again dog

Grab a green dragonhide then we going tanning
We's old school players, son, FUCK Runespanning
07scape man screw all this new shit
50,000 cannonballs bruh you can't touch this

Pickin' hella pockets I am workin' the silk stalls
Building up my stamina, running that atoll
Guthix weedman Runesquad got some big balls
PK masters we stay with that G-Maul

First we hit the altar up, then we get the blessings
Piety that shit and we always keep 'em guessing
Fuckers gettin' married we is crashing the wedding
We stay moving forward, son, we always progressing

You in the same place since the day that you started
Open up your nose, motherfucker, I just farted
Mixin' up a potion, dog call me an artist
DD for a hunnet gold, call it a bargain

Throwin' round that gold like it's charity
Closin' down that GP disparity
Hella p-hats you can't fuck with me
Spread around the love it's prosperity

15 year anniversary
Blowin' up big popularity
15 years that's my legacy
Runescape squad solidarity

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May 10, 2016
3:29 AM EDT
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