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Hallelujah For 300 Fans!


Author Comments


So I guess it's time for one of these again. Instead of doing something grand when I hit 200 fans, I just uploaded a track of me singing. Now that I reached 300, I decided to continue this tradition (totally not copping out of doing something grand instead). It'd be funny if this track is so bad that a lot of fans leave, leaving me below 300 fans :p

But yeah. This is actually something I just recorded randomly around 2 weeks ago or so. I was wearing my Turtle Beach Headset, after playing games with some friends of mine. And I decided to just test out the microphone quality with Audacity. So I ended up with this recording XD
It was a pretty late evening, so I couldn't sing loudly, or my neighbors would've complained.

I didn't have any lyrics in front of me, and I definitely can't just sing in key without an intrument in the background. So there's a lot of false tones here and there. Also, I began by singing in a false key that's too high, so I sang the third verse in a slightly lower imaginary key because of that.
Normally, I wouldn't upload this. But as it's to celebrate 300 fans, I added some reverb, and decided to roll with it XD

Here are the approximate lyrics:

I heerd der vas a siicret cord, thiat David playjiid and it pliised the loord. Bt uu dount iiven kaier for mjuusik doo ya? Wel it gous laik dis, de forth, the fifft. The mainor faaall, and de maaijor liift, thie buffeled king komposeeng hallelujaa.

Halleluujah, halleluujah, halleluuiahh, hailleluuh huu uu uu-ujaa.

Yuor fait was strong, bat u niided proof, you saa hair bating ouon de ruof, hier bjuudy in the moonlahit overthruw yah. (S)he taid yuo too her kiitschen tjier. Shi brouk jour trouun, and she caught yu haier, nd frohm iour leaps she drough de hallehlujaah.

Hialleluujaah, haailleluujah, haaleluujah, haalle luuh-hu-uu-uuu-uu-jaa. Ehrm.

Nau Baybi, aave biin hier bifore, aive siin dis ruum, and Ive walkt dis flour. Ai juust to liv aloun bifoor I new ya. Ai've siin juor flagg on de maarbl arth, bit laaw is naught a weak Tory-Martch. Itsa could and iits a brou-Ken Haalleluiaah.

Hallelujah, Hiallelujah, haaleluuiah, haalleluuh, uu, uiaah.

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This ain't right.
You need 300quintillion fans

also great lyrics

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Haha, you know, I've many times contemplated deleting this one. The only reason I haven't is because I've never deleted anything on Newgrounds, so I don't think I wanna start now :p

I'll let you in on a secret. If I make it further in the NGADM this year, I might want to sing in a piece myself. I should've improved at least a little bit since this time :)

I want to start off by saying that I love the original song. I think the reverb was a nice touch, and the whole thing has a nice "reset" sort of vibe about it, as if the protagonist in a movie is singing this to calm himself after his life's completely fallen apart and he's hit rock bottom. I loved the way you started this acapella, too, but it might've needed some more substance later on to create a sense of climax. For example, I like how you started off the piece by creating a sense of shyness about the vocals, especially regarding the note lengths. But I also think you needed to hold them out longer later in the piece in order to heighten the drama more. I also love the light, floaty and breathy quality your voice has throughout the piece. Maybe that's what really made me think that this song came from the perspective of a downtrodden soul. I think you inadvertently changed keys a couple of times in the piece, though, and sometimes your voice falls flat at the end of a phrase. Still, overall I greatly commemorate you for the vulnerability you've exposed in this piece, and I'd encourage you to keep developing your vocal talents. Keep it up, Ale! ^^

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Ahaha, 4.5 is way too high a score for this, but thank you :'D

I get what you're saying about the protagonist! I've seen several movies where someone starts singing, in a similar acapella fashion. I suppose that "Edge of the Night" from Lord of the Rings, and "Hanging Tree" from (I think?) the third Hunger Games movie.

There is so much that could be improved here! Like the recording equipment, and the fact that this was just randomly recorded on a whim with no practice or planning. Your ideas for what could've been done better are pretty good!

I did chance the key. One on purpose, but probably a few times without thinking about it too. Either way, I'm singing this a bit too high for my range :p

I hope I do develop my vocal talents! I've been singing a bit more than usually recently. My latest "real" upload is actually one in which I'm singing too, and I've made a few improvements, in the very least.

Thank you! :)

Very nice lovely and relaxing track! Quality! Would imagine slow guitars and the rock band to join in at some point xD but song is very good as it is

P. S. I switched reviews for your tracks and cannot undo. Merry Xmas!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, dude :D
Yeah, I can imagine that. That'd be really awesome XD I'd have to practice my singing at first though!

No probs. Merry Christmas! :3

You actually have a good voice. Your high notes are a bit squeaky and sometimes you go a bit low and it sounds a bit nervous which I think you are. I have had these problems before when recording my voice. This is still pretty good without lyrics in front of you.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey! Thanks :)

Yeah, both the squeaky high notes and nervous sounding low notes are partly due to the fact that I had to sing really silently. It sounds like I'm singing with more volume here, but it's only because I dragged the gain so high :p
Also, during the second verse I was singing a bit too high for me, so the highest note is totally false.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2015
5:19 AM EST
File Info
6.4 MB
2 min 49 sec

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