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A Song for Someone Else

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Author Comments


This is the result of two weeks of watching anime, and distancing myself from the real world.
I lived through yet another set of PADS (Post Anime Depression Syndrome), and decided to turn my epmtiness into inspiration for a eastern inspired piano composition (in the style of examplewise Yiruma).

I also wanted to make something much more simple than usually, and with more repetition (people have been bugging me over the lack of repetition in my tracks).
So if some parts sound a lot like something else, or generic in general, I've basically succeeded. I didn't remove myself from the piece entirely, of course. It's easy to notice that this was played by me, if you know what too look (listen) for.

I was also too lazy to drag myself to my electronic piano, as it's in another house, so I recorded the MIDI file with my synth instead, and put Piano One as the vst. For some reason, the MIDI volume was really low, so I had to bring up the gain quite a bit, and I had some difficulties mixing. Oh well.

I noticed that most people love these kinds of piano songs, so the statistics say that you will like the piece, and there's nothing you can do about it. Checkmate.

Enjoy ;) (but only because you have to, by the laws of nature).

[EDIT: There's an updated version with way better sound (New Piano VST) up on youtube, if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDVUh9ClsSU]


Very pretty! I truly believe that personal loss is one of the greatest and most noble inspirations to make music...even if the loss is one of, well, anime...Still, as always, this piece has an excellent progression. I love the sense of emotion and the recurring theme at 1:53. I appreciate all the compositional risks you took around 2:40, but I think they paid off. They made the piece seem conclusive...so conclusive, in fact, that you could've easily ended the piece at 2:53. It actually sounded like more of a proper ending to me than the actual ending. Besides that minor complaint (if that is an actual complaint, that is), I think this is a beautiful piece! Over the course of the 15 months or so I've known you, the concentration of piano solos on my iPod has drastically increased. :D Keep up the great work, LSD! ^^

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I agree with you there! I don't think it necessarily has to be a loss, really, but I believe there's a lot more power in a track if it holds some kind of personal meaning to the artist.
I tried to pretty much dumb down on all the fancy stuff I occasionally do in this track, and focus on simple progression and a beautiful melody.
And as I stated in the description, I tried to use more repetitiveness than usually, so there are actually several parts that I repeat in one way or another throughout the piece.

Good catch at 2:40! I wasn't sure if people would notice that, hehhe :p


=> No. NO! You don't get to do that! First people tell me that I'm not repetitive enough, and now, with just a little bit of added repetition, I am to refrain from repeating the intro at 2:53? THIS IS MADNESS.
But really, I was planning on adding that final part far before I came up with 2:40, as 2:40 is actually the final thing I actually thought out for this track. Without having the ending planned on beforehand, 2:40 probably wouldn't even have happened, as I made it in order to tie the current place I was in the composition, to the ending!
Also, I think that 2:53 would leave some kind of inconclusive atmosphere behind, as the tempo suddenly increases at 2:40, so ending there, would be a bit of a anti-climax!

Thanks a lot for another review, and for listening to my songs! I should reply to your PM tomorrow, as I am now done with the concert and such things XD

Reminded my about those soundtracks from Ghibli Studio movies. Memories start pouring back! Very sweet, sweet, sweet little track. Again with those chord progressions which formed great melodies that you always make. You're right on the statistics, because I think your fans will always love these kinds of track you've made!

I've noticed the biggest improvement in this track, compared to your older piano works is the dynamic. Excellent work so far. Like I've repeated before, this is a very sweet piece. I imagined a beautiful field of flowers and I'm flying above it, while this sweet piece was playing in my head.

10/10 So lovely.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I love the music made by Joe Hisaishi (who made many if not most of the Ghibli soundtracks)!
Sweet is a word that I too would use to describe this piece.
The main melody is (quite obviously) inspired by "Kiss the Rain", but it evolved into something else in later parts. I also used completely different chords and such things, of course :p
Most of the piano videos on youtube that seem to get millions of views are structured somewhat like this piece, with a clear melody and clean notes. While I DO like it, it's not my usual style. I try to be flexible though :3

Dynamics, yes. It's not that I suddenly got better at dynamics, but as you probably notice, this piece is much easier to play than most of my other piano compositions. This means that I had much more energy to focus on the actual dynamics and volue levels while playing. This allowed me to perform the echo effect illusion at 0:43. Also, Piano One uses pretty sharp tones, especially when the volume is loud or if it's high keys, so the dynamic range is much easier to hear, for good or for bad (I would prefer a softer sound, but for some reason the Steinway B VSTi that came with EWQL doesn't get the rhythm right in some instances, so I couldn't use it).

And OMFG. Are you a mind reader? You just proved to me that you are a great musician, not only because of what you make, but because of your ability to interpret the artist's intentions! I have only seen you and Phonometrologist do this so far o.O
This is the picture I thought of when composing. A flower field...


How did you even :O?

Also, we (or let's be honest; I am) are really slopping a bit behind on the collab schedule. One again, I don't have time this weekend, as I'm hurrily finishing up my game after a break (actually working on it right now), and aside from that, I have a concert on thursday next week, and I have like 15 tracks that I have neglected to practice o.O
But perhaps the weekend after that? I'll send you a PM about it sometime next week :3
(Props to you for making progress even when I haven't).

Thanks a lot for the very uplifting review; you just made my day :D

PADS is the worst :(

This is a beautiful song!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I know right D: ?

Thank you! :D

Very good piece, reminds me of Clanna-OHGAWDWHYDOYOUDODISTOMEEEEE?!?!?!

Though seriously, well done~! ^.^/
Keep it up and someday you'll score your own anime :3

~Phyrnna ^_^

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Aww, thank you :3

"reminds me of Clanna-OHGAWDWHYDOYOUDODISTOMEEEEE?!?!?!"


Clannad is amazing though, and definitely inspired this piece.

Score my own anime? I would love to! Too bad I'm not japanese :p

Sounds kinda sad...ech still great

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! I'm a sucker for making sad pieces, and this is NOT at the top...

But I do get what you mean; there's definitely a sad undertone. It's the sadness of sacrifice that I was aiming for. This is a piece about doing something for someone else, and in the process of helping someone, though you gain many things, you also lose some time needed to do something for yourself :)

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4.79 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2015
1:39 PM EDT
Solo Instrument
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3 min 34 sec

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