Diamond Blood

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My best by far! Best heard with headphones or high quality speakers, comments please!

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Not my favorite but still good

hmm my critique...all have to say is take the high road and some how get both atmosphere and depth into the song, i could tell you wanted to focus more on atmosphere rather than depth (read your comments below).

I wish i was first to notice but those water droplet like sounds were interesting, everytime i heard it i thought by gods he's practicing chinese water torture. but then i came to my senses and heard the rest of the music.

aaahh, i just read the date of the last post its about 2 and ½ years ago thats frightening this song has been unnoticed that long...well there fixed it.


very good, goes great for a soft game. the beats were a bit boring. i loved the bell tone. very enthustiastic!

Mataro responds:

Thanks, the idea was to be soft and ambient, good for driving music at night if you happen to be in a forested area, I should think. Haha, thanks for the review! =D


I took awhile to review this. Sorry about that. Just so you know I have a few new songs out of my own but anyways I dun want to whore myself out too much so onto the review. :)


You did a good job of intertwining all the sounds and you used. The clarity was wonderful because even with all the stuff going on... I could still make out those drops ;).

You did a great job here. It reminds me a bit of my SS series thusfar. Very relaxing ambience. And personally, I would have put this in the "Ambient" section. It's more of that then a trance I think... tho' I agree they can be quite similar.

Anyhow. Wonderful job here. My only critique is that sometimes the instrument sound choices didn't go well together... mostly that crystal sound in the beginning I personally think but I'm sure because many would disagree with me. Also... perhaps you could have added in a few more instruments?

But now i'm just being nit-picky... it was perfectly fine the way it was and if you added stuff in it may have ruined it. Very nice job here.


Mataro responds:

That is by far the best review you have given me! It means a ton when someone of your high critique (and talent lol =p) leaves a review that gives three tens and an overall of 9! And yeah, I played around with the idea of more instruments, but I decided to go with more atmosphere over depth, and I think it turned out fairly well, that, and the clarity, I played with it alot so that every little piece of it was noticeable, and I think your one of the first people to take notice of the water droplets =D. And no worries, I'm just happy you answered my message lol. Thanks again, and I'll stop by your page again, you can rest assured ^^.

Yeh its a 9 Fo Sho

This is actually a sweet song. I dled it and now have it on my itunes... So know Ill be listenin to your song XP!!! Yeh rawr!!! *Im lovin this song!!! Good work. Hope you continue to progress in your world of compu music... Lol well yeh Come see my stuff sometime... It ain comp, but hey Im sure your human so you dont always need to listen to comp :D Rawk!!!

Mataro responds:

Thanks a ton, I agree, this is definately my best so far, and yeah, I'll stop by your page right away =D. And also, no, I don't listen to compu-music all the time lol. Its hard to believe I know, but I am indeed human =p.

Nice work there.

Also, that BRC guy's review spamming that screamer response, so don't listen to him. I just PM'd Tom and Waid about it.

Excellent piece here, not sure what to say. Not necessarily 'trance' as much as a mix of Tech and Ambient.

Mind giving me a hint to your program?

Mataro responds:

'Aight, thanks for the heads up =D. Yeah, I was debating where to place it, but it kinda seemed like a trance song, so I decided just to put it where it is. I use FL Studio 6 XXL, and this was completely made out of the VSTs that came with the program, Sytrus, Wasp, etc. Its an awesome program, and its lots of fun once you get a decent skin for it, I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^. Thanks for the review =D.

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Sep 21, 2006
6:03 PM EDT
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