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This piece is one of the first I've done that's been inspired by a story. Throughout the composition of this I've had visions of a group of people trying to escape a large, futuristic city that's slowly collapsing around them. I really, really like how this one came out and I hope you do too.

Stuff Used
-Cinematic Strings 2
-Vienna Symphonic Brass (savior for this song)
-Session Strings
-EastWest Stormdrum
-Many, many soundfonts
-NI The Giant Piano

Always love to hear what you guys think, too!

Oh yeah, this is my NGADM Round One Submission, too.

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This is an NGADM Round 1 Review:


Oh, how I love the intro! That’s the first thing I want to talk about. The piano is a great start! The way the notes skirt around the kick/beat (which sounds a lot like heartbeat to me) is just wonderful. The way you build everything up in that sort of slow-burning, but ultimately effective way is awesome. I really like at 0:40 how the strings roll in, almost like fog; it’s quite mesmerizing. As the track progresses, we are introduced to more of your approach to dynamics. Not to reiterate what Step mentioned in his review, but I couldn't resist chiming in about those transitions: wow, wow, wow! My absolute favourite part of the entire song was very short, but it was the quick rise of the flute that really put a smile on my face (2:24 – 2:26 and again at 2:59). I think you did an excellent job crafting a song about a group escaping a collapsing city, very fitting theme. Your overall production was very clear; no sound seemed to crowd the other.

There are certain parts of the track that I felt were just a bit empty sounding. 1:08 – 1:22 seemed to focus heavily on the percussion and the short bursts of the orchestra, and while it still sounds great, it just feels as if you could have added a bit more in there to keep things interesting. Of course, at 1:22 when you bring in those strings and reintroduce the piano I just smiled! Great transition. The feeling of emptiness just slightly returns when we hit 1:56 for a short period. I think if you had placed some light piano chords in there it would have been wonderful, that being said, I love how enchanting this portion of the track sounds. The outro is stunning, though a bit understated.

This is beautiful papkee, I really enjoyed listening to it. Keep up the great work! :)

Score: 8.25/10

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


OK yep you've definitely made an amazing improvement. I know how I told LunyAlex that I think his orchestral submission is one of the best this round. Well, this is is another one of the best. Your melodic work is just phenomenal. It's nothing complex but it's captivating, progresses very naturally and sounds just great. Wonderful harmonies at 1:26 and 2:46. The various dynamics in this track also serve to give the track more varied and different-sounding sections, and unlike LunyAlex your approach to dynamic changes was perfect. The swells up to 1:08 and 2:26 are to die for, and the way you drop the intensity down at 1:56 is abrupt but tastefully so. The piano's composition is gorgeous by the way! And those transitions! 2:14 has to be my favourite. The way you rise up to that moment, the introduction of the clarinet, that beautiful piano motif... Honestly, this is great stuff.

Your production is really solid. The EQing is pretty much spot on, and you can hear that at parts where you play orchestral hits like 1:08. Every instrument in the mix has its own space, and the clarity is all there! I quite like how you mixed in the percussion too - the large hits add a lot of power, and the softer percussion is still nice and punchy, although I would've liked a bit more reverb on the drums! Speaking of which, I really like the rhythms you used for your percussion, but I feel like the percussion gets very repetitive. I would have enjoyed a wider variety of hits and percussive sounds, with more drum fills and subtle changes in the beat, to give your track a more intricate background. I'm struggling to find many other faults in this; it's impressive! Good work.

So yeah, pat yourself on the back for making such a radical improvement. Keep up the great work.

SCORE: 9.1/10

papkee responds:

Feels so good knowing that all the work I put into this paid off. While I didn't win I wasn't expecting much being paired with Cadmus and Johnfn, I'm still proud in myself for actually sitting down and being patient enough to make a well-written track.

I still am a huge fan of the piano, and it's a combination of amazing samples and live-entered midi straight from my keyboard. It really is, in my opinion, one of the best things about this track.

Thanks a bunch; as always your reviews are stellar.

Beautiful, wonderful. The percussion sounds strange though, like that one drum is in a can beside my ear. Everything else sounds perfect. Wonderful, wonderful progression and dynamics.

Oh wow. At the beginning i was thinking - ok ... just another cinematic track which starts with piano and much reverb. But then the strings showed quite fast that this is a piece where the author knew what he did. Nice orchestral hits btw! Great how you built up tension in the beginn and then have this very beautiful and free / open sound starting at 1:25. Great choice of chords here, nice string / choir / brass texture ... love it because it feels so majestic - simply awesome. The section at 1:53 was a little bit weak IMO - but only for a few seconds until the flute set in and the great tension came back.

Very well done man!

papkee responds:

Thanks man!

I simply could not have done this without the amazing libraries I've recently bought. Cinematic Strings and Vienna are just so hnnggg.

I spent a lot of time working hard to make this all come together the way it did. It feels good to know that it actually made the song better.


The build up is lovely, really warm... then those strings hit in really hard! This really evokes imagary of something gigantic, so it suits your description. The way the piece comes back down again at 1:56 feels so sad, but so powerful as it builds up again. Its so dynamic! Everything, piano, percussion strings brass is great, even the woodwind runs. 5 stars! Good luck, I really enjoyed this piece :)

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4.90 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2014
12:44 PM EDT
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