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This song is for the AIM. Here is the image that it's inspired by: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ripperjaxx/floating-mountains



You wake up atop a mountain, birds calling and a gentle breeze lifting your hair. As you look around, you feel something - or rather, you don't feel something. Your feet are above the ground by a full inch. Pushing the limits of this, you learn that you can fly, and dive off your mountain. The birds fly along with you, making calls of greeting and guiding you along to new places to explore.

Under the clouds is a beautiful expanse of the floating mountains, showing an incredible world below you. As the song closes, your adventures are finished for the night, and you've decided to sleep again, awaiting the next dream of this world.


This piece is an experiment in Dream music. It takes inspiration from Sweet Trip and KOAN Sound.

I was hoping to have a version with vocals instead of some of the triangle synths, but unfortunately I got this version of the piece to Jordi too late, so he couldn't. :(

I'll update the piece with vocals when I can, but it'll pretty much definitely be after the AIM is done. Oh well.

Love you all!


Random statistics and stuff for your entertainment and use:

Time spent: 63 hours and 31 minutes.
Measures: 157
Patterns: 1
Pitched instruments: 11
Percussion instruments: 12
Automations: 24
Audio clips: 7
Audio clips which are just edited samples from pitched instruments: 7
Unused vocal clips: 4
Mixer channels: 25, 26 counting the master channel.

Holy crap, I don't have any effects on the shakers at all.

--Instrument plugins and their uses--
Omnisphere: Most pitched instruments.
Alchemy player: Chimes and some background noise.
Sforzando: Playing the piano which is actually a sound font - Maestro Concert Grand. I used this in Windswept as well.
Sytrus: That little bouncy arp in the background which is always a 5 note loop.
Zither: Zither. Free from Versilian Studios, get one today!

--Effect plugins and their uses--
Maximus: Quick mastering for preview cuts, and making the kick have MOAR POWUR.
oZone: Final mastering and some reverb on the vocals which you can't hear in this version.
Fruity Filter: Filter sweeps.
Fruity Reeverb 2: Reverb. Duh.
Fruity Parametric EQ 2: A lot of EQing.
Fruity Compressor: I'm sure I had some good reason for putting this on the pad. Generally helping things level out pre-mastering.
Patcher: Multiple effects processing one instrument and having toggleable effects which don't interrupt the normal sound.
Fruity Balance: Used as a control for volume in Patcher. Also something about panning in one instrument I think.
Fruity Delay 2: Echos, mainly on one of the leads.
Guitar Rig 5: Something to do with the bells at the end, weird delays and flange-type effects. Also something to do with the harmony vocals that you can't hear.
Fruity Peak Controller: Controlling some of the EQ in the bass so they don't interfere.
Fruity Phaser: Making the snare and ride not sound like the exact same thing every time they hit.
Fruity Flanger: ^ only also with the toms.
Fruity Reeverb: I don't know why I have this on the toms and didn't use Reeverb 2. Similar for FX.
Fruity Formula Controller: Modulating the rate of the flanger on the toms.
Fruity Stereo Shaper: Pushing some of the FX back.
Fruity Stereo Enhancer: Pushing the FX back even more and something on the Sytrust arps. ALSO YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW USEFUL THIS IS FOR MIXING.
Fruity Love Philter: Phaser on the Sytrus arps. …I wonder why I did this instead of the normal phaser.
Fruity Chorus: More stuff on the Sytrus arps. Also on the harmony vocals which you can't hear.
Fruity Pan-O-Matic: Even MORE stuff on the Sytrus arps. Also, fuck you OSX for shitty auto-correct.
Bitcrusher: Crushing water at the end. Srsly.

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Btw, the three notes at 3:03 are what make this song good. I always wondered if you knew this. Like, you followed up the 3 notes with more notes to make a longer melody, but you could have removed all the rest. Eh, whatever.

Once the wet reverb stacked clap began it got my attention. This is a surprisingly simple peace but has many interesting undertones and atmosphere fluctuations, which fit really well. The foreground melodies, especially the harp feel out of place for some reason, I am not sure how to put this. The drums are perfect, since it reminds me of those old style rock songs with the very dry toms.

Overall a very atmospheric piece with very many layers to a slice of lemon cake, that zings and zaps across the tongue and leaves a citrus impression on you.(Hah)

SkyeWint responds:

It's funny, I actually never had thought that this piece would be as simple as it is, but I've been moving more toward simplicity in my music. I really like having a simple basis and then just diving straight into the depth barrel with sound design and atmosphere.

It's too bad you can't figure out how to put the reason why the melodies sound out of place. :< If you figure out why, do tell me! Learning more about what people like and don't like about my music helps me improve, after all.

Had to take a pause in my judging to leave you this -> A BIG THUMBS UP.

If only we could post images in reviews.... no wait that'd be a bad thing.

Anyways, I could say tons more but seriously, very well done!

SkyeWint responds:

Thanks! I gotta know, though...

What is this "tons more" you're talking about? I'd love to know how I can improve. Like, what I did right, what I did wrong, ideas you have to make the piece better, etc. It would be awesome if you could shoot me a PM with that "tons more" at some point, now I'm curious!

Great piece, very soothing, very bright, very atmospheric. Love the background effects.

SkyeWint responds:

Thanks! Glad you like the piece!

Tons of stuff going on in the background on this, because of this it sounds really fleshed out. The melodies are really good and there's some awesome composition and varieties/fillers. I really like what you did around the 2:30-50 mark, really neat melody. The pads in the background are awesome and add to the atmosphere perfectly.

This is definitely one of the best songs I've heard from you and some of the best mixing I've heard on Newgrounds.

SkyeWint responds:

Dude, Omnisphere is one of the most amazing things ever.

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Apr 13, 2014
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