-Hexagon Force-

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This tune was started around 4 months ago, But I finished it up now! It was really just polishing left to be done.
I took some inspiration from 80s themes and sega genesis music for this one! Hope you dig it ~

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I love it!! WaterFlame's songs are some of the best songs i've ever heard! It starts with a low tune, but with a fast beat, then it gets some "zappy electro techno I dunno" sounds to it, still keeping the same beat, and then some background noices and beats as a finale for that section of the song, and then gets a new beatiful melody, with ecos of the melody it just had, still keeping it's amazing beat, only sped up. The new melody also uses some noices from the start, and i love that! It then picks up some other stronger sounds to it. I really don't know what to say other than i love this song so much. It then gets a new, but similar melody with multiple high-pitched sounds as another finale to this part but it still keeps it's "old-techno-retro-electro-sounds-mixed-with-other-good-instruments-too" charm! Yes, this song is from four years ago when im writing this review, but i still come back to it sometimes. (gosh there's alot left to review and say why i love it) The finale is great! It then sinks down to a deeper, but still high, pitched part in itself. It then goes up and up and up, to then sink down and end. It then goes back to a melody similar to how it was before around 30-50, but slower, as a break. It's calm, but still has some strong beats to show it's not ending. It then gets a small kick and higher pitch, to stop resting and continue the awesomeness. It gets a high kick and stops playing, while some sounds from the absolute start of the song play in the background keeping the song still playing. It then goes on like it did at the start of the song, until 02:10 where it gets a melody similar to the drop before around 50. It has an eco of the previes "techno retro electro" part like it did before, and keeps using parts it used before, but then uses what sounds like a xylophone, following the melody and then dropping down to a melody similar to around the first minute again, which I love. I love it when songs repeat with changes to it. It feels like the song is trying to sound strong, then needs to rest, but then comes back stronger than ever before. Hexagon Force has beatiful sounding instruments, a name containing my favorite shape, and a good Geo-No. i'm not going that way. It has a small finale and goes back to a melody which it has used multiple times, with the same instruments, but with lot's of small addons to make it stronger and more powerful sounding. It however, has some changes to make it sounds newer and stronger. That really works. It has a small finale melody which it has used many times before. It stops and has some new tiny "techno-electro-retro" sounds which it never used before, and then picks up its melody and has a pause again, with lots of instruments in a similar pace, but it still feels alot slower somehow. It has a new melody with old instruments as a finale, with sounds completely different, with the same instruments it has used before! It somehow fits perfectly, before stopping with a space-like ending. I love this song so much. If anyone has actually took the time to read all of this, then congrats. Hexagon Force is fantastic. WaterFlame is the best composer i've probaly ever seen and I hope this song gets that plus 0.30 percent it needs on the score thing you can see on the "Credits & Info" thing where those small star things are. This is fantastic. Mr-Toaster-Toast-Stamer8-Person-Guy, Out. Why did I do that outro.

I dont know what to say.

It is very good! Great Job! 👍

Favorite GD Song! Ever! I wish it was longer though...

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4.70 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2014
11:43 AM EST
Video Game
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