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Tranquility (8-bit)

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Okay guys, my second 8-bit song. I need feedback on this because I am trying to get into electronic a bit more. Also, expect another orchestral/classical song soon!

Special thanks to ForgottenDawn, DahDoctow, and Andersson187 for listening and giving feedback!

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I think you still have a lot to learn in terms of composing a proper melody, there was no direction or proper harmony in it (though ive heard much much worse, so its not all bad), the chords are fine but not enthralling and without deviations turn into a blur, cool for using magical8bit though! I use that one mostly myself too, and the percussion is allright, i personally hardly ever add it in chiptunes but it sounded pretty good. :)

greets and keep learning more, i suggest looking up stephen malinowski (good visuals) or studying some classical music like bach to understand how to create a good melody.

stunkel responds:

The intention was to kind of make it open like this. I guess I didn't do such a good job though. I know you are a 8-bit artist so you might be expecting something better, sorry to disappoint there. Thanks for the review though!


The synth at :51 is really harsh, idk why. Same at 2:46, something about the higher frequencies makes me uncomfortable in the same way that BlueOceans was talking about.

I really enjoy the chords - they are super warm and tasty! But I feel like the melodies are a little wandery. I feel like they rarely express a full story or something I can latch on to. I don't hear any clear motif throughout the 5 minutes, and as a result I feel like the song feels a little directionless without anything to return to.

Every now and then (4:09 is a good example) I hear a melody come in that's strong enough to be the motif. But in the 4:09 case, it does something really weird at 4:20 (imo unnecessary) and then I don't think it could be the motif any more.

While I'm complaining about 4:20, you have some clashing frequencies there with your higher melody and your lower one, so it's hard to tell what's going on.

In terms of energy this song is pretty much constant throughout the entire run time. There is only the barest buildup and breakdown, and I only really noticed it when I really started paying attention to the beats. Buildup/breakdown is the easiest way to give a song direction, so you may want to consider more extensive use of it.

Anywho, this is a cool take on electronic music/chiptune. So many people want to take it in the high octane/hardcore direction that I'm always pleasantly surprised when someone goes the other way. Plus, I'm always a big fan of the jazz chords and so I like the feel of this one quite a bit (despite all my complaints above!). Cool stuff, keep it up!

stunkel responds:

Hey john, thanks for the review.

For the harsh synth I could have maybe EQed the high's out a bit. Maybe on the master track even if it is a reoccurring problem. That's risky of course but you never know. I actually did have some trouble with the melodies. Like you said, I really liked the chords! But the melody was tough to come up with. Maybe a clear motif would have been cool to do though. The part at 4:20 maybe should have been used a little differently. Maybe continued the motif a little bit further. I will keep that in mind for my future music! I'll definitely consider giving the song some more dynamics, and the frequencies was a tough choice to make, because I really enjoyed the melodies I created, but changing one of them to a different octave did not sound very good at all... I wasn't sure about about a way to keeping them from interfering.

Thanks for the honest review though! I really do appreciate it. I'll keep all of stuff you said in mind!

If anyone made a 8 bit styled game and did not ask you to make music for it i would probably pimp slap them for you :3. your music is some of the best around. It always gets stuck in my head and I cant think of one person I haven't sent to your music. you great and that's all that needs to be said!

stunkel responds:

Thanks :P that means a lot to me. Although I don't think I'm great at it. And I really do appreciate you sending my music around. It seriously means so much to me that people actually do that. Thanks so much for the feedback and for the support!


stunkel responds:

:D Thanks will, message me on Skype sometime!

Mmmmmmmmm...... :3

stunkel responds:


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Oct 23, 2013
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