Monochromatic As I'll Be

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This was my submission for the first round of the N G M T 13 competition organized by SkyeWintrest

The aim was to use only four instruments, and it had to be about a monochromatic world.

These are the four instruments I've used: Drum computer, vocoder, electric grand piano, electric organ. (later I added an analogue synth bass and Mellotron strings)

It's a 60s song. I tried to make it sound a little old and dusty to fit with the black and white theme. Although in the 60s colour films were the standard. Maybe it was a post modern song made for a 60s sci-fi remake of the Wizard of Oz where they didn't have the budget for colour, and the Tin Man is a robot who sings this. That's my theory. Even if it doesn't make sense.
This kind of old music evokes in me a black and white image, because I've watched too many 60s Gorgio Moroder and Gershon Kingsley videos. Some of those are black and white, and I think it fits. An old fashioned jazzy/blues style reminds me more of black and white than orchestral music does, because orchestral music is less restricted by time periods. Modern film noir films are still sometimes in black and white, and often have a jazz score.
This also reminds me of the low budget cinemas of the past, where they didn't have enough money to hire an orchestra, so they had a single person playing an organ instead.


Verse 1

Over the rainbow
there is a land oh
bright as Mexico
an Eldorado

But where's that rainbow?
I see the rain though
no sun in the sky no
Which way do I go?


Where ever you are I'll find you
Don't worry I will come and get you
Our hearts they will make us get through
At least that is if you want me

If you send a light to guide me
I'll show you how fast I can be
That is if you would still want me
Monochromatic as I'll be


Monochromatic as I'll be 7x

Verse 2

You know I love you
so here is my heart
but it may be a rock
cause I can't tell the difference

Roses are grey
and violets are grey
but wherever you may be
I'll find the right way

Chorus 2x

Here are the reviews I got during the competition:

bassfiddlejones: I'm not feelin' it. Doesn't seem to fit the style for this part of the contest.

Deflektor: Well, i'm sorry, but i hardly see how this piece fits the theme. Too bad, the piece had potential, and the voice could have served an ambience purpose while fitting the theme.

alternativesolution: A pretty fun, simple piece.. composition-wise. I didn't really appreciate the vocals(??) though- speaking of which, I couldn't understand one word (again, if that's just a synth, excuse me). With the same melody, or similar chords, but simplified ...and played in a different fashion, this could probably fit the theme a lot more. But the way it is right now just doesn't seem to cut it, though. I blame it on the rhythm of the drums and bass, for the most part, however melancholic and dancey they were.

DivoFST: I liked the song, it just didnt fit monochromatic in my opinion

Neon-Bard: This song is quite melancholic in nature, which both helps and hinders it. The beat is interesting, and the piano has an 'oldies' sort of sound to it which brings to mind old, dusty photographs. The 'voice synth' reminds me of Daft Punk a little..but anyway that shouldn't matter haha! Pretty cool song, with interesting moments here and there, but it strays a little from the theme.

frootza: Reminded me of a cartoon zombie dance party, which could be seen as monochrome. Honestly quite a vivid and unique track. The talk-box effect was a great touch as was the vinyl record effect.

PeterSatera: It's a good track, but I'm not sure that it fits the theme. It's a bit too comical, I do find myself swaying to it though. So I think it's a good track, just unfortunately not very fitting.

Chongo: I could tell this was going for a monochrome feel to it, but it fell short. The glarby sound didnt quite work out. Sorry, mate. Take out the glarb and it might work, but even then you're a little high on energy.

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i love this audio.
I enjoy it a lot.
keep it up

SourJovis responds:

Thank you, I will.

I could almost write a tale about this. :p There once was a musician, SourJovis, who took place in a contest at Newgrounds. The song was relaxing and calm, with an oldskool feeling to it, but it didn't quite meet the theme etc. etc. etc.

Seriously though, the keywords describing this song are "calm" and "old-school" (or however that is spelt). Having lyrics in was not a bad idea. Not. But I couldn't make out the lyrics (I'm bad at that anyway, but still) if you hadn't actually put the lyrics into the description. And seeing as I didn't have those during the vote-phase... :/ In the end it took a lot away from "monochromatic" without adding anything, except color.

However, I'm now not reviewing the track from the contest perspective, I'm looking at/listening to it as an individual piece of music. And IMO it deserves 4.5/5 (because of the vocoder garbling the lyrics)

SourJovis responds:

A lot of people didn't think it suited the theme no. That came as quite a surprise to me, because it was the first thing that came to mind, and the making of the song all went very smoothly. Maybe I should make another version of the song with the natural sounding vocals. I'll see if it doesn't disappoint.

Ah, so they were lyrics indeed! Well, you already have my theme-based mini review for the contest; now, here's a review purely on the music:

I reeaally like it. As stated before, the electronic piano thing, along with the bass and drums, gives this song a very melancholic, dancey feel. I really wish I could hear the lyrics better, though. It's hard to hear them through the vocoder D: I didn't like that, as you already know.
But, now that I am able to read them, I'd like to point out how great they are! They are very sweet. I love them. Aah.
I also really like the overall feel this song is giving off. The vibe is just so familiar and comfortable. There are few songs I've heard that have both great intros and outtros, and yours is definitely one of them. I was hooked right from the start. It's so catchy, too! In a bittersweet kind of way. Great rhythm, and your sounds mesh very, very nicely together.
Anyway, lovely job on this. Can't wait to hear your piece for the second and/or third phases of the contest, if you'll be participating in the rest ! (I hope you do) ^__^

SourJovis responds:

Thanks very much. Glad you like it. Not sure if you would actually want to hear the vocals without vocoder though once you know what they sound like.

After listening to this piece again after a number of days, I still think that it has an incredible way of portraying a vintage, yet unique sound. It's quite the catchy song too!

Those lyrics are quite something btw, well thought-out for sure! :)

SourJovis responds:

Thank you. Took me forever to write the lyrics. It's a difficult rhythm to spread the vowels over. Recording them wasn't easy either. I just took the best takes out of an hour of recording. And still I wouldn't let anyone hear them without the vocoder.

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Jun 3, 2013
8:45 PM EDT
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