- MB - The Black Wind

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Greetz NG!

This piece was ridiculously fun to write. It effectively acted as a composition to help break in my new MPK88. The controller is a beast to use. All the lines are improvised and touched up on the keyboard...a practice I haven't had in a while due to lack of gear funding and a broken midi controller.

I was most inspired by Elfman's scores for Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare Before Christmas. I had this idea of playing with and borrowing the diminished fourth chord in lydian and teetering that with the minor fourth chord in aeolian to give a more unexpected and blues influenced voice leading without actually getting a bluesy sound at all. It made for some really fun melodic improvs over it.

In case you're wondering, the tools I used were as follows:

- EW Orchestra
- EW Storm Drum 2
- EW Hollywood Strings
- EW Hollywood Brass
- 8dio Epic Frame Ensemble
- 8dio Requiem Pro

This piece is also for the MAC13 orchestral competition. Thanks for listening and best of luck to all my competitors!


- Mike Breed


Wow this is fantastic you did such a great job with the inspiration from other elfman scores that not only does it sound a piece of his, but rivals some of them as well. fantastic.

There were a lot of great songs submitted in the MAC and this is one of my favorite ones. I don't wanna write a long review, but I thought the track was fantastic and wanted to let you know I enjoyed it. Great work.

Breed responds:

Much obliged.


- Breed

This reminds me of 'Dreamfall: The Longest Journey' and 'Fable' at the beginning. Very, very magical sound which is nicely arranged and could drive any fantasy themed motion picture or a video game. My only suggestion is that it might be beneficial to use a little less compression over the most intense moments.
Overall it is a solid piece, so keep it up!

Breed responds:

Yeah it is overcompressed....I ran outta time.....theres a lot of small things that need doing.

Thanks for the kind words!


- Breed

Good to see some videogame by the traditional NG'ers. :D

A thoroughly creepy yet enjoyable piece. If only you could find a Glass Armonica sample... that would sell this. Also, consider waterphones. Gorgeous little bastards for creepy music.

Strange dissonance at 2:39 in your trombone line... doesn't seem fully right even with a strange piece like this.

Amazing work as always!

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

Breed responds:

Hey Samulis,

Looks like we were both last minute submitters to the contest =)

A glass harmonica is a cool idea. I do already use tons of metals and upper register instruments though so im not sure where I'd fit it. I was looking for a smoother resonant instrument like that though, so maybe it coulda been a good legato line to counter the crotales.

I thought of waterphones and I avoided it for one main reason. That being that I was trying to maintain a tonal feel to the piece even considering the dissonance of the progression and melodic lines.

I thought about changing the melody at 2:39 but it kinda grew on me so I ended up keeping it. A little strange here and there is ok as far as my style is concerned =P

Thanks for the compliments and your time to review the piece.


- Breed

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Feb 17, 2013
11:32 PM EST
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