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Anybody know Chimneyswift11? Well, this specific voice sample comes from his Skyblock series. I have wanted to do a Dubstep song with this for a very long time, but haven't gotten "alright" at making Dubstep until recently. Vocals could probably be more clear, you can hear Minecraft noises in the background of the sample, along with Wolv21's laugh right at the beginning (hard to hear). I did my best with the sample and hope to do more with vocals in the future.

As far as the Dubstep wobble goes, it's a basic wobble made in NI Massive. Best program for Dubstep in my opinion, PROVE ME WRONG! haha, anyways, the wobble has a lot of EQ on it! Took forever to get it to sound right and not so bland. I would like a progressive Dubstep wobble, but it's pretty hard to get ideas that progress as well as sticking to the melody. If anything, this song is a test at making a proper wobble. Let me know what you think about the song in that aspect.

Please leave a review that explains what you do or don't like about the song, especially if you vote under 3/5. All constructive criticism is appreciated! Please listen to the whole song before reviewing so that your review is on the whole song and not just one part. Last of all, please enjoy!


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That wub sounds way familiar, are you using one of Massives built in patches?

Also I didn't like the loss of sound dynamics during the drop, it could have used FX or something to fill those auditory gaps.

carl565 responds:

I made the wub completely from scratch, not from a preset. I usually never use presets unless its something like ReFX Nexus. I feel like youre right, something about the drops I make are always a little... boring... or at least missing something. Thanks for your review!

I clearly know nothing about dubstep, or am just easy to please, because I was a fan of the wobbles. The acid tone of the bass was pretty sweet, and the wobbles were well timed. The only change I would make would be to add pauses or something to switch up the drop, which is pretty monotonous. Overall, I think it's a great job for someone fairly new to dubstep.

carl565 responds:

Awesome! yeah as time goes on, I will be able to correct all of my mistakes. Im glad you enjoyed the song!

Kinda repetitive in my opinion. The start was alright, but then I didn't like it at the "drop" part. I guess you've got to work on your EQing and all other stuff that needs to be focused on.

I'd really suggest looking at tutorials to improve on synthesizing, mastering and all other funky shit in music production. You've been producing for like, few years now man; gotta step up your game.

carl565 responds:

I like your attitude, want to be my coach? youll work free with unpaid overtime. sound like a deal?

I don't know what everyone is talking about. It was pretty good in my opinion.

The wobble didn't really sound like the wobble that I know, but you did a good job!

carl565 responds:

As far as the first reviewer, they never wrote why they voted 3/5, which pisses me off. The second guy voted 2/5 because of the EQ of the bass. Acceptable I guess, but worthy of a 2/5? Idk. I like the wobble, but that's my opinion. Thanks for the review!

Don't think I've ever seen someone write so much about a really mediocre sound in the description of a tune. Doesn't really sound like you've done any EQ'ing to the bass. Sounds like it's just straight up out of massive.

Also, stop calling it a wobble.

And I know your new to this genre. But it's never an excuse to be a pleb.

carl565 responds:

You know, I was going to write a bad response but then I realized I asked for critique and received critique. All I have to say is that I liked the way the bass sounded without the EQ, who cares if it's "right out of Massive", its fine that way. Stop calling it a wobble? That's exactly what it is, what else should I call it, the bass? Bass can be applied to SO many things that it would be overly confusing to call it the "bass". At least you read the description, I suppose that's the only thing that I'm happy with about this review. Everyone has their own opinion though... Thanks for your review regardless.

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Dec 18, 2012
6:36 PM EST
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