[TC] Break Free 2

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spent 4 months writing this. made with fl studio.

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What an awesome track you made!
I love it and this is my first time seeing a song which is over 8 minutes long and that's a funny thing =D
Maybe I'll make a Geometry Dash level with this sometime and a Youtube video of it. If its okay for you?

This sounds excellent, but I honestly don't see how it's trance. The bass is pretty simple, and it's not even very low pitched. Your drums have very little low end. The breakdowns have no beat to them, and are so long that if this were played in a club people would be completely lost. Don't get me wrong, this is great sitting-down-at-my-computer music, but that's not quite what trance is. This isn't coming from someone with very much production experience, but I've listened to loads of trance and this (along with your general style) doesn't square with trance as I know it.

TranceCrafter responds:

trancecrafter is a name I picked for myself in 2009. a lot has changed about my style since then. not really sure what I would classify this as anyway. it doesn't really fit into a specifc category. trance is the closest thing that comes to mind honestly.

Arrrgh. I don't know, I just don't know.

I love what I hear, the stuff gives me goosebumps. The melodies are pure and evoking and the rhythm is everywhere it should be. But I think I can't adapt to your style.

I love trance, I love electronica, but I'm also fond of structure. And this piece, much like the original Break Free, kind of left me hanging. You have these amazing melodies, amazing build-ups, but then you let them die down.

That final section starting around 4:57 REALLY had me going, it just kept building. Then I kept watching the right side of the progress bar, seeing the end come closer, with just more build-up piling on, progressively more epic...

I was hoping for a massive throwdown, a return to the explosive energy of 3:51, but everything fizzled and faded. Maybe it's just me, I 'unno. It's really nothing against you or your stuff, everything I hear is superb. But for this track much like Break Free I found myself holding my breath at a few points, wondering when I could draw in again, and I couldn't.

Still, a fantastic aural journey.

Oh ! That's sssso Great.


Love the song! 5/5

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4.95 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2012
12:01 AM EST
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