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HDC: SJD vs. WarSpawn

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Author Comments

WarSpawn wins this battle over SJD by a cunt hair! Great flows by both, but the winner was decided!

Ladies and gentlemen, here's a battle.

Senator John Dean on verse 1 and 3
WarSpawn on verse 2 and 4

Beat by Sunra.

Leave a vote with who you think won this one.

Long Live Hip Hop


Dope battle. Both ya'll killed each other mercilessly. I like!

But I gotta give this battle to Klazik's mom., she brought it to an all new level.
Amazing beat!

HDC responds:

oh snap son! where u been at these days!

SJD had a angry voice in this song (in both verse's)
WS had in the first verse a angry voice and in the second a lower.

For me is the winner SJD

HDC responds:

SJD -5 WS -6

SJD brought the heat but so did spawn pretty damn close so close that i have had to listen to this battle over and over again and each time i feel like SJD barely pulled it off super close but still a win for SJD
Winner : SJD

HDC responds:

SJD -4 WS -6

I gotta say straight up, def a great battle between the 2, Ive never heard a lot of SJD, but this was tight. verses beyond raw from both parties, this beat is epic as f***. so big ups to Sunra first off. both artists bring that 'A' Game an keep up with each other. the match ups lately been crazy btw. but to keep on track, SJDs delivery takes it hands down, im seriously feelin it, - both artists had some solid heavy lines, check FlowIntoEpics bad ass breakdown, an I can see where he voted SJD, but - i think WS took this - but just by a hair, an to me this aint no long shot victory - clearly Sjd had flow an some serious lines but Im feelin that Ws brought it more so with those personals and had some complexity behind the styles --- although i gotta admit....Sjds double dragon line was pre fuckin funny -

HDC responds:

SJD -3 WS -6

War is taking no prisoners, aiming lofty. Great battle.

Senator John Dean lines part 1:

mama's hovel stealin internet/play multiplayer wow with little brats - +
pirouette/ballet dancer soft/"quarter super (??)" - +
talk about/you go out wit a fuckin cow/asthma when you rhyme/MickeyMao - ++++
take a breath/emulate the great Inspectah Deck - +
wu tang/butane/asshole/fiasco/stupid (lupe?) - +
can't spit two things without some trigger shit/call of duty arsenal does not exist - +
my computer too fast/respawn and hope the shit lags - ++
can't sell a record/why he don't know (dick medina no detective????) - 0

War-Spawn lines part 1:

raised you/praise you - +
thumped by bitches/slit ya wrists quick - +
can't see in front of you/comparin me to the W - +
rather be a (??) than a senator/lookin like the predator - 0
on the side/so it would rhyme - +
what you say is a gimmick/where's your competition - ++
uncle tom ass get bonked fast fo back/record that - ++
but you boast yo free plays/doin this is easy - +

Senator John Dean lines part 2:

Come on/uncle tom comment blows/do you know yours? no - ++
yo momma got slapped/you're the reason dad left - +++
no fans so you escape into the fantasy of comic books/common crook - ++
memories of your broken home/echo in ya mind (cline?) as you take it from behind - ++
she's the missin link/weakest link/fuck what people think - +
procreates/don't create/monkey/broken (eight?) - +
double dragon/hobo and a faggot - +
jehovah done turned his back/don't need the last two get packin - ++

War-Spawn lines part 2:

rhyme an onomatopoeia/hopsin's aborted fetus - ++
you got yours/wet streamin downpour - ++
burnt squidward/worth piss/worst is/didn't earn shit - +++
my n***a scuare said/appeared dead - ++
not profitable bitchin about who you talk to/rather swallow your sorrows than do what you ought to/
private message people to vote for you/you're the one who's spoiled - +++
revolved around a fuckin name drop/bullshit so long think you're a (main hot?) - +
truce this/truth is - +

Total for Senator: +25, one 0
Total for War-Spawn: +23, one 0

Better flow: War-Spawn, +
Better delivery - Senator John Dean, +
Better wordplay - War-Spawn, +
Better closes - War-Spawn, +

Total - War-Spawn +26, Senator John Dean +26

John Dean takes it since they tied in 0's but SJD had a hit worth ++++. Shit that was a close battle.

Senator wins.

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HDC responds:

SJD-3 WS-5

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Credits & Info




4.55 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2012
1:08 PM EST
Hip Hop - Olskool
File Info
7.8 MB
3 min 26 sec

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