A Wonderful Life

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Hey guys, this is a film score song I made. I made it for a flashback to someones life flashing before their eyes in a montage. Something you would hear along to a person growing up from when he or she was born. And going through life and meeting many challenges and many joyous time. After a long fulfilled life, he or she passes away. Whatever works for you! Let me know what you think!


This is absolutely perfect for what you described it's for! I can easily imagine a flashback scene to this. It reminds me of the brief flashback scene from Pixar's 'Up' for some reason, which I would say is a good thing.

As a song in itself, it's well built and on the professional level of film scores I would say, though due to being custom made for a specific type of scene, it's not really the kind of song I would listen to myself. I can imagine this being very effective when paired with it's intended scene though, and that's really what matters with this kind of thing. Quality stuff!

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stunkel responds:

Yeah, I didn't think that this was much of a thing to listen to jut for fun. Just something to put out there fitting the scene of what I wrote. But to be fair, that scene kind of hit me after I made it. I did purposely make it sound like it would fit a film score, but not the scene I described... I think I had something close to this in mind, but then I changed it midway... I honestly forget. But thanks for the feedback man!

This is certainly different from your other stuff, which is not a bad thing at all! At first I thought the pacing was a little slow, but as you kept adding instruments (flutes, harp, the brass section, etc.) everything flowed really nicely. I would have liked to hear more of that harp and perhaps more piano (at the end) just so that it would have given the song a little more emotion. Other than that though, I think this is a great piece and it sums up what you sought out to do! :)

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stunkel responds:

Yeah, I tried to go for a more steady sounding song and not as melodic as my other stuff. And for the harp, I just couldn't hear it anywhere else in the song DX I wanted to add more, but I don't know :/ And the piano actually could have fit in a lot of places... I think it was harder to hear in the music when all of the music came together. And I'm glad that you saw what I saw in the song :P Thanks for the review man!

Not my style, and I honestly don't think it really fits the montage feel, but non-opinion wise, I can't find anything wrong with it. :)

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stunkel responds:

Yeah I kinda phrased it wrong, I meant for it to be like a flash back montage of someones life, right before they are dying. Like his or her life is flashing before her eyes before death. But Thanks for the support anyways!

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