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After 3 weeks of vacation in France is here my newest track.

I hope you all like it.

plzz vote/fav/DL/review

~Forever Bound

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Kicking beat you have

So right from the get go this was kicking good beat here, love the fast tempo you have going on it, it was a nice touch, and you really seem to mix it up aswell, giving it some nice sounds and even some effects, i wouldnt mind even more mixture of other sounds, but also focusing on more build up would be a blast, but for the mostpart you have done well here.

Now as for some improvments dont know where to start but i will do my best in suggestion some possitive idea that can make it better but then again its already decent, so anyways here are my thoughts on the whole piece. Well i did suggest more build up and more mixture of sounds, and also it could have a much better ending something more explosive.

ForeverBound responds:

thanks for the review =)

Cut off the first ten to fifteen seconds and the song will begin to get better since the song starts after that point. Tune seems to be quite interesting.

The bass sound used could be a little lower in volume since near the start of the song when the others sounds come in it makes a few popping sound then the rest of the way is fine.

The drum rhythm sounds really good and gives that feeling of needing to move to the rhythm to have a fun time. Then the synth sounds like a pop/dance styled synth being used from FL Studio that works here since it makes me think the song is a slightly new concept idea to listen to. The secondary backing synth also sounds really nice and the echoing sound to it is great.

Overall, wonderful track, bass at the start just needs to be worked on a bit.

Review Request Club

ForeverBound responds:

Thanks :D

Why the silence? We can hack 10-15 seconds off the intro and lose nothing at all. My speakers aren't that bad and I heard NOTHING for that start. Throwing more at the piece there would help, or throw it in the deep end from sooner.

After that, the track is quite repetitive, without much merit in variation at all. Sure, you use a few flourishes that give some flair to the piece, but the melody gets boring far too quickly, even for a trance / dance / house piece. You've got to be more out there, in order to grab the audience's attention and this lacks that, with a single instrumental melody, which needs something to give it a boost to the next level.

Vary the pace, the instruments, the bass, hell, give us an instrumental or some vocal samples to bust the track out of this funk. It desperately needs to be shoved forward.

[Review Request Club]

ForeverBound responds:

I really appreciate your review. Thanks
And i'm gonna work on that ;)

First thoughts. Uneventful intro. Just a low sine, no variation, long notes. Was boring to listen to. The hats didn't get an introduction and caught me off guard. Try using sweeps to help transitions.

I'm really liking the percussion groove that starts playing at ~0:45. It really brightens up the track and gives it tonnes of energy! Nice work. You've worked the melody into the track very well too! Nice and smooth. The breakdown is good, but there was no build up to the chorus. From the start of the breakdown, the track was very flat. No rising or falling effects, so I was unsure of which direction the track would take. Chorus sound wells thought out and composed and mixed well! It just need a big build up to make it extra special!

All I can critique is your transitions and intro. WORK ON THEM! Start experimenting with rising and falling SFX, reversed samples, atmospheric plugins (ie reverb delay), repetition, etc. These are some tools you can use to create builds, falls and transitions in general. And try to make your intros more interesting. Add some automation, background noise or something to stop the track from sounding static.

Overall, a decent track! Get onto those transitions (don't worry, I'm on the same boat, they're an absolute bitch to master :/)! Great work! 4/5

ForeverBound responds:

wow thnx I really appreciate your review. And I will work on that.

~Forever Bound~

Good job, dude. It sounds much different than the Tec-X version.

The intro sounded more like Dubstep, so I first thought 'shit, dub dub is coming'. But then the Trance began to play around 0:55, so I was like 'ah, much better'.

The center sounds like it has a lot of potential. In fact, it makes it sound more like a Dance song IMO. =P

The hats and beat are perfect, and it's well mastered. I can still reconize those instruments that you used. =P

Overall, a relaxing Trance track of yours. At 2:49 you could add an extra pattern to make the track more powerful or special to reduce the small repetitiveness that I notice. The end was good enough (a fade-out).

Thus, a 4 and a half/5, so I'm gonna vote 5 on this since the score is too close to 4.


ForeverBound responds:

I really appreciate your review. It sounds different than the Tec-X version because it's an entire different song. I was just lazy and used this name because I had an old song called like that.

And i just wanna to make a different intro as I normal do, so first the sub then the hihat's etc. and yes now u mentioned, it sounds like there is dubstep comming.

But i'm not planned to make dubstep it was just an accident that it sounded like that in the beginning.

~Forever Bound~

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Jul 28, 2012
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