I'll wait for you

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This song was written during a time when I had nothing to do, but needed something. It's not much, and It's not too great, but I wrote it, and It's the only song I've done that I'm really proud of.
Used FL Studio 10
Acoustic Piano VST
Saint James Orchestra - Choir VST
I recorded this with an Alesis Q49
I can not think if any other instruments were used, but I don't think so
This is my song, not another's previous work, though it was inspired a bit by the works of Koji Kondo, I would not insult him but using his work, as I would not do justice to it!
I uploaded this to youtube some time ago, but the account associated with that channel has been banned from audio posting due to my stupidity from before. If I ever saw this as a menu song, I think I'd cry... But I don't expect to see it used, as I'm a mediocre composer


P.S. While lurking my own page I noticed two of my songs were downloaded! Thank you to my anonymous downlowder! I love you, whoever you are!


Hey! I promised you that I'd review you some time ago. I finally found the time to do it. It's going to be a bit short compared to my other reviews but I'll be honest and to the point, I promise :3.

First off, it sounds like you don't have a massive amount of experience making music. The flow of this song feels very pattern-based. You've got the piano pattern in the background repeating constantly and the song clearly following a four-bar structure with not many fluctuations in dynamics. The mixing isn't very good, and the instruments you used are pretty low-quality.

Putting all that aside, this is actually not bad at all. I think you have a LOT of potential. You may lack in technicalities but you were quite creative with the composition even if the melody isn't mind-blowing in complexity. The strings' melodies were impressive, especially around 1:30 onwards. You seem to have a good grasp on composition. There are some things that the track lacks which you'll be able to work on with experience and time, such as the mixing and low-quality instruments, but here are some issues I think you should start working on from now:

1.) The composition is too simple. I know that simple can be elegant sometimes but in this case it left me feeling not fully satisfied. Throw some more instruments into the mix. Some bassy background strings playing chords will work wonderfully to fill up the emptiness that this track has. Perhaps some percussion will work too, who knows?

2.) The track feels too linear and pattern-based as I mentioned. The piano melody, for example, is repeated far too many times and needs to be changed more. More importantly than that, add dynamics. I can't stress how important this is. Put in subtle rises in power/intensity, soft parts, louder parts, parts where the tempo slows down, etc... In this genre, dynamics make all the difference.

3.) Subtleties and details were lacking over here. When I turn the volume of a track up, I want to hear stuff I didn't hear in a previous listen. Add some subtle sounds here and there like wind chimes, soft percussion, etc... Even the little things count - for example, the string notes at 1:30 and 1:59 could really do with fading out instead of just cutting off. The choirs keep on playing at the same volume and sometimes playing for a long time without stopping (your singers don't have infinite breath). It's important to pay attention to small intricacies like this.

Anyway, that's all the advice I'm giving you. Overall, I think you have tonnes of potential. I enjoyed this little piece of music even if it is lacking in certain aspects. If you keep at it I know you'll become a fantastic composer, and I'm not saying that just to encourage you. With more experience and better VSTs in your hands, I honestly predict some really great tracks from you. Hope I helped, and good luck with your future submissions!


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You have some lovely piano songs! I would try to work on the choir sound. because it sounds a little too fake. this is something funny i noticed but it kinda sounds like the skyrim Dovahkin theme :D But seriously very nice song. You can fake some of the fake sounding instruments by adding some reverb effects or echo to it. The sound is barely noticeable but nice work!

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