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3 hours.

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Inspiring. That's for sure.

Dammit if only you could give me the music file (the real one not the mp3) so I could personally amplify that beautiful melody!
(the violin in particular)

Loved it. The piano was excellent. When are you gonna include Tethnic Vibe in here? That was my FAVORITE.

I wanna have your babies, Sadface. Shh. I know it's not anatomically possible, just go with me here. Using this for my outro on episode 15 of my d3 outro. Going to back to using Roots after that, but I'm just feelin' this song tonight. Haha. I do, however, think this might just work for my upcoming minecraft videos.... *strokes beard*

sadface-music responds:

Ohhhh, good good....
*Strokes beard*
Wait, I don't have a beard!
Oh Nooo!

Reminds me a lot of Olafur Arnalds. I assume you're using FL? Sounds like it, at least. I like the piano intro. Maybe there could have been a pause after it before bringing in the other instruments? It's not my composition, of course, but if it were, I would have let the piano decay for a bit more just to let it sink in, and start off the violin on it's own intro melody, like it's replying to the piano, then bring the piano back in with it's bass riff. That way the music would kinda interact more with the listener before diving into the music. Silence is really key with pieces like this, as the listener needs time to think over what they've heard.. plus it allows you to make each instrument shine more, by having the stage to themselves for a moment, so to speak.

I really don't like the strings that you used for this. They aren't bad, as such but they don't fit in with how the song feels, I think. Those string samples have a generic twang to them that I can't ever get my ears to like. The strings should be played lower.. they play high up and well it sticks out like a sore thumb, we already have the piano playing higher notes, which work well with the violin, why not give the lower notes of the piano something to harmonize with?

Well anyways. As for what I think of the music. I hope I don't sound too blunt when I say that it sounds generic. I think that you could add some more flair here and there so that when I hear this track I'll remember that 'Oh this is Sadface-music's sound' Nothing much, just little things here and there. For now.. it's well made, but I wouldn't really remember this track, if I'm honest.

Well aside from this criticism, what do I like? Well, it's got clarity. I'm not straining to follow the music at any time, it has varying sections so the music doesn't sound like it's running on the spot, the piano sounds nice, as does the violin. I think I'd like to hear more little miscellaneous sounds just to add a bit of dimension.

Well done, regardless :)

sadface-music responds:

Haha, I was wondering if anyone was gonna call me out on those strings... The ones you complained about are indeed fake synths. Was too lazy to use real ones :p Made on Reason 4.0

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Apr 21, 2012
4:53 AM EDT
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