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- Finished version -
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/478697

Quite new to actually uploading anything I've made Enjoy! Not very good at mastering in my opinion.

That and only a total of 4 hours of work...Feels empty to me needs something more?


The very slow start helps build up the atmosphere and having a echo effect afterward makes it sound like an atmosphere styled song where you get immersed in some atmosphere and just feel happy yet calm to be there so I like this song a lot.

The echo effect on the piano is very nice and sounds really clean too. Then a crystal synth comes in and gives a peaceful feeling to the song so nice work there. The bass has an up and down flow going with it having a thought of someone just walking along and enjoying the day and all it has to offer.

The secondary echoing synth is really nice and has a fun sound to it. The drums seem rather simple and have a nice little drum kick to snare and hi hat combination working.

Overall, this work in progress sounds nice and has a story like feel to it as if telling the story of someone's day. Very beautiful.

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First of all, I really appreciate the review on my track.
Second, I'm warning you that this will be a long review.

Intro: I love the very slow, building intro. It's gorgeous and effortlessly builds tension, urging to listener to stay and wait for the big finale.

"Verse": I like the bass line, but I'm sorry to say that I don't like the synth you're using. The kick is very tight, don't change a thing! I love the various additions you start to slowly bring in, especially the arp! The synth that follows, adding a percussive essence is an excellent addition as well!

Down Tempo: Again, I love the pad you've chosen. Though I must admit, it sounds far too "preset-y". That bell-like effect in the background sounds almost like a high-passed piano with tons of effects, if that's correct, then props to you for thinking of it! Clever! I adore the synth that comes in after that, though I wish I didn't fall so far behind the pad at times.

"Verse 2": I don't like the way you rushed into this section. I think a more tense, yet natural transition would have been better. I also think that adding more to this section (like the elements that came in with the previous section) would give this a huge trance effect.

Overall: This is a fantastic track, I'm really impressed with the mixing! Everything stands out very well and you've made the 6:00 length listenable, rather than something that just constantly drags on. The biggest things I think you should work on are the second verse and the synth for the bass lines. If you decide to change these things you'll earn my five stars.

If not, well... Free five!

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Badgenetics responds:

Thanks for the long the review :D. (I bet everyone wishes they were this long and in depth :P ).

Yeah I've gone with everyone's choice on the bass. Twas a tad to sharp attack wise. Softer and fits the song much better.

Btw yup bell is a piano played high in the register. Not too much effect actually. I mean delay, a hint of high pass, chorus and super compressed.

Changed the whole going back into the verse 2. Brought the intro back actually which adds a nice touch, still feels a bit rushed. But I don't want to make the song too long though. as it's already 6 minutes.

Overall getting closer to a finished product and i thank you very much for the Input :D
Looking forward to more of your songs as hopefully you are looking forward to mine!

Very nice, it has alot of space! which is great for this kind of piece n-n
that emptyness you feel may be that space I'm telling you, but I think it fits pretty well

the bass sounds a little odd tho, i mean its good, but you could also try some other bass VSTs till findingg one that fits with the ambient that the song is creating!
but overall, its really good, I've never been able to create huge spaces D; I think Im too violent for it haha

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Badgenetics responds:

Thanks For the advice I was thinking of a bass with less attack and slightly softer :p

The kick has been bothering me...maybe it's just me though

Good stuff, loved the flow. I thought the piano alone was almost good enough for that but when the electro kicked it it was ear bliss. Super chill piece.

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Mar 27, 2012
4:10 AM EDT
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