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Annoying Game Show Music

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I used it in my flash, now you can too. Not real video game, but video game-like.

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i love it you do a great job


this is perfect for something I aim to do, for school, it's a talk show kind of thing, where the host talks to a reader and the author of a book and they tell him/her why they like/wrote it and so on. This is the perfect theme tune if I cut it down a bit!

Rythim-Man responds:

I am shocked to think that the piece that I hate the most gets the best reviews and the most appearances in the flash portal!

Excellent for video game style!

it sound realy good for an old school game!
When I will have time to make a game again, I will think of something that takes this tune into use!
It definitely sounds great for some morning-near your-house level :).
Keep it up.

I think the first part repeats too much, making listener go-"ok I hear it, what's next?". (could be better if you removed two bars from the repeating sequence.)

But excellent use of instruments. :)

Rythim-Man responds:

Thanks alot, btw, loved ur modernized church. It's a very original piece!


Dont change anything its just gooooodddd!!!!!!

i was hopping through my living room and just had to play it again!!!!!

Rythim-Man responds:

Are you serious? Hmmm...so this type of thing gets you hopping *has an evil thought*.

Oh um..erm, yea. You reviewed all this stuff in one day. I think I'm in love lol. Hey, did Tiare hear this? I know she likes to dance doesn't she? I love that picture of her, she's sooooo cute...oh wait, why am I putting personal stuff on newgrounds? People aren't suppose to know I'm a real person...

Keep on keepin' on.

As in keep on hopping.


tune down the slap bass! whooo that is making my sub go POP POP POP POPPP then the kick come in and its like

time for new speakers! >:(
well it has been for a while now but whatever i get payed tomoro! cool song just tune it down!

Rythim-Man responds:

What sucks is we all have different speakers. Maybe it just sounds different on mine or something. My speackers don't have as much bass. So my bass may be louder than it needs to be.