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Hello Newgrounds. It's surprising, really, how often I've been submitting music recently. I guess I'm just finishing a lot of the projects that I have started.

At any rate, this is my remix of Sword Of Omen's song "Butterfree". It is an 8-bit type of song, and oh my gosh is it amazing. Sword Of Omen's happens to be one of my best friends, and I had to remix this song. He was extremely helpful in reminding me to finish it, and I'm not being sarcastic buddy, you really did help me remember!

Link to the original; http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=i_qVoA0JdNY
Follow me for more music on Soundcloud; http://soundcloud.com/kai zerwolf

Thanks guys. I hope you all enjoy this one. :D

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This song is without a doubt one of the best I've heard so far from Kaizerwolf. I first heard his music through the youtuber Cryaotic where he used songs like this and many others in his older videos. It's got a very distinct and interesting sound to it and is definitely worth a listen if you're into this kind of music, and if you enjoyed it, I'd highly recommend checking out his other work.

Now, before I forget to mention this in my review here, I found this on ChaoticMonki's youtube channel. Or Cry, if you know him by that name, a Let's Player who sometimes works with Pewdiepie(Which the video this song was on was promoting a live-stream with Pewdie in it!). Just wanted to let you know how I found this. Now on to the review.

Cry usually puts music at the end of his videos or something like that, I'm still fairly new to him, but that's what I've noticed, but this was the ONLY one where I've clicked on it and investigated the music. It invokes such feelings... I can't even explain it. It reminds me of when I was a kid, playing Super Mario World, or Zelda: A Link To The Past... The feelings of Nostalgia and happier days. It brings me back to my 8th b-day, the best birthday I've ever had in my life. It reminds me of all the friends of my past and all the good times I've spent with them. It makes my feelings towards any current situations(Good and bad) meld together, and get a new view on it. Good times are, obviously good, and should be enjoyed more. Given more thought. Someone clearly puts effort in to good times, even if it's just you on the internet having a good time, you're making the effort to do so, and you are watching/listening to something someone made to put on the internet to give you a good time. It made me think about just how much effort goes in to good things. And good sir, this is indeed, a good thing. As for bad things... I should appreciate the life lessons. I've always been good at that, but I mean the small things. I shouldn't let the small things in life get to me and be better about that. Be the example in peoples life, and give them a good time.

I know it seems strange that... A song, an instrumental song with no meaningful lyrics can invoke such powerful feelings... But that's why I love instrumentals, it gives you the power to interpret it however you want to, and this song is... I wouldn't call it 'Life Changing'... But... It just fills me with emotions that I wouldn't expect a song to do. I've listened to songs that make me thing about good times... Not like this one, but good times. I've listened to music that makes me thing I should make better of the bad situations, and I've listened to music that brings me to my childhood...

But I've never listened to one that invokes all these feelings and wraps it up, and presents it in such a nice way... A way I know that everything will be okay. A way I know that even when things get tough I have this song to listen to. It opens my mind to just... Look at the bigger picture. I know that once I stop listening to this song I may y'know, kinda lose that mind set... But I know when I DO listen to it, it can give me the ability to focus on these things. It's just... So good. Nearly perfect in my opinion. So, now a slight actual review of the song.

The only thing... That is not perfect... Is that it ends. XD Nah, nothing as typical as that, for real though. I do feel that it ends kind of abruptly. I know it fades out, but there was no build to it. It stays as a flat-line through the whole thing. A Consistent good feeling awesome song, with no build to the ending, so it just feels like it ends out of nowhere in my opinion. But this is just constructive criticism, it doesn't take away from the rest of the song, so you get a five up with the black kid up there, and five stars here. This is absolutely phenomenal. You can be sure I'll be looking at your other music my good sir :3 Thank you for this fine piece, I'll be downloading it and listening to it often. Thank you so much :D Now, have a good day, and keep using this awesome gift you have X3 LeMoNy7 is out, God bless, and peace :3

Kaizerwolf responds:

Wow, okay. I was never expecting something like this. I haven't logged on to Newgrounds in a few months, and the only reason I saw this today is because NG is the first place I went to show a friend this song.
This is a really powerful review, my friend. You can't imagine how happy I am to know how this song makes you feel. I don't check NG much at all anymore, but you can still find me around Soundcloud or Youtube. I'd like to keep giving you awesome feels.

Just freaking Awesome I heard it in the Video of Chaotikmonki!
Good Job!

Hi Buddy! Long time since ive been on NG, Anyway. This song is quite good. Not so sure about the weird base wobbles. But i really like the ambiet feel to this. Keep making music man :D You are good at it.

Kaizerwolf responds:


Kaizer this has to be one of my most favorite songs in the whole world. It might be my favorite out of all the things you do. Please never stop making these amazing tracks. I am such a big fan of yours Kaizer. *hugs*


Kaizerwolf responds:


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Jan 24, 2012
10:07 AM EST
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