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King's Quest

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Author Comments

This is a piece of music I just recently completed. I'm probably the worst composer ever, but hopefully this will be somewhat to your liking. I'll be submitting this to the MAC no doubt.

Time has passed, and the good King William has at last found the answer he has been searching for. After setting foot outside the church, he begins his magnificent quest to save his kingdom.

Weeks passed, and all of the people began to wonder if the King met his demise -- how honorable a death to ponder. But just as hope began to fade, a glorious sound came from the mountains. The king rides with one-hundred horsemen towards his castle, carrying the famed trinket that will bring peace to his land. The people rejoice, and begin to bow to his majesty. The good King William has prevailed and triumph is his own. Glory!

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I love it! Awesome song, very well done!

Bosa responds:

I thank thee!

No you're not the worst composer ever. Bosa king of false modesty. This is a great song. In every way possible. The only complaint I can think of is that the end sound al little cut off.

Alright, well, I've recieved a message asking me to review this, and therefore. A review shall be born.

Also, this review will be rather harsher this time, not scaling it on the normal one I do. I will be giving this the same kind of review that I would give in the NGADM. So in case any of the other contestants see this, or if you get in, Bosa, they and/or you will know what kind of thing to expect from me.

Section I - Originality - 7/10

GOOD: Songs based off of stories are fairly rare (at least, that's what it seems like from the "author comments"/description), so that does give you quite a bit of credit here. Starts you off at a 10/10 for originality.

-The overall style of this is rather overused, so I did have to dock a point here. -1
-Since this seems it is meant to be based off the story in the description, I feel I should comment on this. The piece, while somewhat fitting of the story, does not fit it overly well. The beginning seems as if it fits more for the people's pondering. The middle section initially seems quest-like, but then it goes into a peaceful melody more befitting of the aftermath in the story, where everyone is content and happy. Finally, the last section of the song is more in-place, it sounds as if the king truly is returning. Since two of the three sections seem out-of-place-ish, and it still does depict the journey, if somewhat sketchily, only docking two points. -2

Section II - Mixing - 8.9/10

GOOD: Not much to say here. The mixing is good, I can hear every instrument clearly except the bass notes and there is very very very little distortion/clipping. Oh, also, many of the instruments sound VERY realistic. Nice! Starts you at 9/10.

-There was only one part with any issues, which was at 2:43. Played that moment multiple times, static every time. Sounded vaguely like clipping. It's very tiny, so only a slight loss of score. -0.1

Section III - Composition - 2.5/10

GOOD: You obviously have a solid grasp of harmony and melody, and my ears did not hear any out-of-place notes. There are very good melodic ideas which were well-executed with harmonies that sounded quite good. There were no particularly special bits at all except the ending, however, which keeps this from going beyond 8/10.

NOT-SO-GOOD: Unfortunately, here's where your score suffered.
-First little issue - the small string riff from 0:29-0:42 went precisely nowhere. -0.5
-Awkward cutout transitions at 0:49-0:51, 1:36, 2:40, and 3:03, which seemed like you edited the tracks together outside of composition as their timings are slightly off. Transitions are VERY important for music, as are the intro and outro, though those had no problems whatsoever. -2
-Now, the major problem. The elephant in the room to people who've studied compositional theory. There is no theme for the piece of music. No way to tie it together except through the orchestral instruments. I assume this is meant to be a piece of multiple movements rather than a singular piece due to the transitions and differences between each section, but the transitions having little or no space between them can't make me fully think that. Even so, a multi-movement piece should have one or two main themes it plays around with so that people have something to latch onto. It also makes the entire piece 'flow' a lot more. I will not dock as many points as I would under the assumption that this is meant to be a piece with movements. -3

Average of sections, rounded: 6

Misc. Notes and possible modifiers.
-The beginning few notes in the choir (until 0:15) sounded a lot like one of the songs from Lord of the Rings. :D Nice touch there!

Final score: 6/10

This could use a bit more work, but it does sound very nice, and I can definitely see that it has potential, as do you. Much luck in your future composition, I hope to see more work from you!

-Skye Wintrest (Swint)

Damn I wish I could draw. . . I would then probably create a movie to go with this soundtrack. This is really good stuff.

This was beautiful! Completely amazing!

Bosa responds:

Thank you. I hope to be able to make more like this!

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Jan 7, 2012
1:25 AM EST
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