Love Can Be Strange (Instru)

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Another Instrumental, and it's my specialty, Dance! I think I got the acoustic sound down



such a nice song..... Oh and in response to the metaknights..... yea i guess your right 4 parts is to much. And heavy lobster is that big meal thing that you always go "dangit why wont you die!" to. Hmmmmm if you need help with more songs... i'd be happy to give ya ideas =P. just review this if you need more material. I'd be glad to! the only problem is i wont know what games you know about (such as my profiles game, golden sun. Its an awesome game with good music, but you might not have it...) But anyhoo keep up the good work.

Rythim-Man responds:

I'd be happy if you helped give me ideas. E-mail'd be better though, I don't come to my reviews so frequently.

Well this was ok dude...

But I really can't consider this dnace music so it kills. I'm not sure what this should be in but it's still cool just to listen to its a nice piece of work man!

Keep it V man!


Rythim-Man responds:

I called it dance because I thought the percusion was 'dance-like'. Though you're right, it kinda isn't dance.

I guess when it boils right down to it, I don't know what genre really is in music. This has to be the ump-tenth time I've put a song in the wrong genre?

great job!

this is a great piece of music! ive been scouting the A-portal for some time now trying to find a piece i can use in a school play (its our finals in drama...)and I think this will do! keep up the good work!

Rythim-Man responds:

Kool, I wasn't sure it would pass anyone's judgement but it's doing good so far. This a respond to some of the reviews I got. Sounds a bit different than the rest doesn't it?

A year ago, I was in love and you know how people in love can get depressed. I was so depressed that I began playing beginner songs on the piano. This song called with the words"Mocking Bird" in it or something like that, it wasn't the actual Mocking Bird song we all know. It's a 3/4 classical piece, and very simple. And even though it was happy, it seemed to be mocking someone. Can you say, 'Inspiration!'

Played it again, and somehow turned it into 4/4, that is why some of the notes kinda slur or tie into the next measure, because now there is an extra beat and I got to add an extra beat to keep the melody in Rhythm. This eventually became how I write most of my music, sluring and tieing over measures like this. Instead of stepping on the beat, I slide on it and soar on it.

I liked it, so I wrote it and added parts forr bass n' brass. Don't ask me why I decided to put brass in there, this is still before I could write songs. It worked out somehow. One last touch, a voice part to express my emotions, this would be my first song with voice. No drums, I was a classical composer, and never learned how to make drums.

Ha, well now it's more than a year and occasionaly I still think about that girl. So I went back to my old piece and fixed it up, and adding drums because it's not nearly as exciting without them. Still no voice, so I used a synthetic "oooh" to imitate it XD. I want to put the complete version up!

OMG long response. Well if this is going to be used in a school play then wow. That's like a huge honor. I hope you tell them that it's my song, but if it's just a project for a grade and not an actual performance it's alright.

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