Christmas Rock Medley

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A Christmas Rock Medley I made for djlnTheDark for Secret Santa. I hope you like it, it truly is the season to rock the fuck out \m/

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I'll start this off, so we can get this out of the way. I liked the drums, although they didn't seem very powerful. I liked all those instruments. I didn't really like the guitar or bass instruments used in this. I enjoyed the high-pitched guitar, but when it was low I just couldn't get into it.

The Jingle Bells melody was off at the end of the melody. Didn't sound right, and it wasn't. The notes at the end of it were wrong. Seemed easily noticeable to me... This really upset me, cause the rest of the piece was spot-on!

Frosty the snowman sounded real good and was definitely something new for me. I loved it.

Deck The Halls was ok, sounded kind of out-of-place in a rock song to me, but you still did it very well.

Carol Of The Bells was by far the best.. but then again.. Deck The Halls always sounds righteous when transformed into rock. I hope you've seen American Dad cause this kind of sounds like the one they used in their christmas episode. Very epic one.

A nice medley I gotta say, keep it up!

-Review Request Club


First part: The guitars on Jingle Bells sound a bit overpowered, or at least the rhythm guitar does. Maybe try to reduce the distortion a bit. However, the solo work on Jingle Bells is awesome.

Second part: Didn't know that song before (so thanks to Knuckstrike for telling me how this song is called), but I like the instruments a lot better here than on Jingle Bells. The guitars don't seem to be so overly distorted, so they sound a lot better.

Third part: The melody stands out here a lot and it is a very nice melody. I also like the drums here.

Fourth part: Again a nice melody and nice drum work. The rhythm guitar sounds a bit strange again, maybe the distortion is too much again.

Overall, the idea of playing christmas songs in metal style isn't that new, but it is executed quite well here. However, I think in a medley the songs should be better connected, ie the cross overs from one part to the next part should be much more fluent. Right now we can hear pauses between every part (except for part 2 and part 3, there the connection works really well).

{ Review Request Club }

A nice variety of Christmas rock songs

I'm going to review every Christmas song apart.

Jingle bells:
It immediately starts hard. Although I hoped for more of an intro, it's directly clear how it's going to be. The rocking here is good, and the drums fit nicely with the main guitar. What the guitar plays changes enough to not make it boring, but the background music stays the same almost all the time. Since it's quite hard too, it would be better if that changed sometimes too.

Frosty the snowman:
I liked this more than the previous, because the Christmas feeling is more here. The melody is clear, and the guitar sounds nice. Again the background drums are repetive, but it's less boring somehow because the front melody is more on the foreground. Good job on this bit.

The part I forgot the name of:
The original melody stands out a bit more here again, but this time it's still rocking. It's the shortest part, but pretty good. I didn't like that it had the same drum sound as the first part though. Now it started to irritate a bit.

Part I've never heard of before:
I don't know if this is a real Christmas song, but nevermind. It was the nicest part IMO. It had the most original drums, the most variation, and sounded the most like rock. I expected to like a more Christmasy song to be my favorite, but this one is. The fade out is nice here. Instead of the others, it finished nicely. A good ending for the medley.

A small improvement would be a bridge between each of the different medleys. This is because the style changes completely with a different christmas song, and that makes it more of a real medley instead of just a collection of rock Christmas songs.

Review request club.

Thegluestickman responds:

Thank you for such an in-depth review. The last two songs are "Deck the Halls" and "Carol of the Bells", "Carol of the Bells" isn't that popular so that's probably why you never heard it. Appreciate the criticism, hope I will do better next time!

A few things.

There some hissing effect from the cymbal drum. If you altered the pitch on that, and reduced the use, it'd fit.

The second part, although is perfect!.

You asked for a review, you got one.

Thegluestickman responds:

Thank you! The mastering on the song is a little off, but I'm still learning that art. Thanks for the review.


Good work on giving the Christmas carol a modern rock and roll touch with the electric guitars and even though it is a little heavy on the rock and roll,it is really a creative touch.Guess that you are not into softer kinds of music,eh?

Thegluestickman responds:

Thank you very much, and now that you raise that point my next song will be a soft song. Merry Christmas!

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