Urban Legend

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My first attempt to scare people... Eerie sounds plus a Violin thats quite creepy itself.

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This is pretty damn fantastic and would fit perfectly in a horror game! Bravo to you!

TheCon-Sept responds:

This song was the beginning of me working with effects. And it had such a scary overtone and undertone to it that I couldn't help but make it sound creepy.

Holy Shit

This was awesome and u diserve ur 10 streak!

TheCon-Sept responds:

It has been almost 10 years since I have created this song. In two months it will have it's ten year anniversary since being created. Glad to see people are still enjoying it for what I was trying to accomplish. I might end up remastering this sometime within this year.

your imageination is pretty deep

huh... never thought of that [pretty deep it seems though like it's pretty damn good and i would love to hear more of this man.. make a longer one that would be good.. but now when i hear it after the violin part i image the guy running and the things coming after him? just me or did others kinda image this too? but hell this is very good, Damn Good Job

- DarthKaiser13

don't mess with the dragons or i will give you pain, welcome to oblivon, welcome to the hell of dragons!!!

TheCon-Sept responds:

Working on stuff like this is hard because you want to give the listener a feeling of whats happening. In this one I kept going through at least thousands of samples while slowing them down and cutting them to add to the atmosphere. not alot of people think of music like I do but I am hoping to get a contract with a Video Game company.

I'm using this

And im gonna start a flash series on urban legends with it :p

TheCon-Sept responds:

There is already a series based on this name I just thought maybe the guy at jkcinema.com would accept it but the series is discontinued... Also listen to my new beats that I submitted. mainly GuilmonX-00001.

yum... TASTY!!!

It sounds like it's straight out of silent hill. You are going in my favorites list!

Listen to some of my music (a silenced voice... With each passing breath... Black skies)

TheCon-Sept responds:

The goal of this piece was to freak out the listener. Yes it would fit well into a silent hill game as well as some other titles like Resident Evil. In this piece I used various voice clips at a downtoned rate to add the effect of someone speaking in a inaudiable voice.

The picture in my mind that I created with this song was someone who was in a dark time walking into a house. He reaches the basement to find a bunch of huge creatures inside huge glass tubes with nothing attached to them. but they seem to be at peace with the substnde in the tube floating in silence. then they awaken and start mumbling with their eyes closed. then the part with the violin I pictured some weird little boy on a violin with a white face and no eyelashes playing the violin. as he is playing the violin electric currents flow out of his hair causing it to move every time he strokes the strings on the violin. then as he is playing the huge glass tubes move around and the static from the ghostly white boy light up the room and the monsters open up their glowing eyes. They shift their eyes all over the place while moving slowly in the glass tubes. but they seem to be enjoying the haunting violin. then at the end they all return to suspended animation as you exit the basement in a hurry.

I want to create a music video with the Aphex twin on this because he is the ultimate one man arsenal when it comes to special effects. I wish I could contact him but his E-Mail is a fake because he doesn't respond to any fan mail from his inbox.

I used a combination of 4 drumloops in this piece with added effects to make them sound different and ghost like. Free cookies to who ever can hear each individual one and tell me the sample names.

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Mar 18, 2006
10:29 PM EST
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