~The Chase~

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As I posted on the NG Forum, I would love to see an animation for this, I have a script somewhat of what happens at certain times. Its not supposed to be a comic, more like a short horror story.

00:00-00:07 (Black Screen with white Animation created by (your name here), Music by Yuriy Shyyan.)

00:08-00:33 (Black screen fades with an animation of two young girls and a boy, teenagers, running away from something, we don't know what yet, but they have dirty clothes, with some blood on it.)

00:34-00:50 (The Killer is shown dramatically, a demon (looks like Diablo 2 Goatman [Moon Clan] with horns, holding two Medieval Battle Bardiches covered in blood, dragging and scraping the pavement because of their weight; The teenagers run into a parking lot trying to find a usable car to escape; dead bodies are slain around them; The find a car, and start it, and slam the gas, the boy is driving.)

00:50-01:24 (The Chase begins, the demon strong and fast, chases after the car of teenagers, they swerve and try to outrun the demon; animation of the Demon can be shown as he trusts with his Bardiche and slices open the pavement, but the kids make it, fog sets down and the demon is no longer visible.)

01:25-01:42 (The kids still shocked are crying because of the cruelty and gore they have witnessed, the two girls hugging, the demon is out of sight, and it seems they have survived. Now with tears wiped away, they are approaching a police station far away, smirks come to their faces as they are going to be safe here.)

01:43-02:16 (Smiles come to their faces, as they are joyous that they will find help, the girls hug each other, and one of the girl hugs the guy while he is driving, they get closer and closer to the police station and stop the car.)

02:17-02:25 (At the sound of the Hall kick, the animation of the car door being shut is shown, as the kids are still smiling as they approach the police station.)

02:26-02:33 (Suddenly shocked and trembling they notice a bloody hand print across the station door, understanding that there are no survivors here, they are motionless and speechless without hope.)

02:34-03:00 (A standstill picture is shown of them standing across the police station, them on the left, the station on the right. Out of the woods directly in front of the viewer, slowly you notice red eyes, and then the demon himself, heading towards the teens. Slow motion as he walks up to them, picture changes as we are those teenagers looking up at the demon. And then he swings his axes at the camera.)

03:00-03:09 (The teens did not escape their death, the audience understands this is no happy story. Black screen comes back, with small "The End" in the bottom right corner.

Thank you for watching : )


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Oct 12, 2011
8:13 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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