A DJ's Chorus - SG

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Back with another song!


ty to all my fans!:)

- SG

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just amazing! loving your music!


Okay, I'm just going to say what I think.

Your music is incredible, at least to my ears. Yeah, I'm not very in tune with music terminology and all that shit about repeating cords and such. Maybe what the other people wrote is true...but it does not matter to me. What matters to me is that currently your music is making me feel happy, it's making me forget all the troubles I may have, all the crap I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Maybe you need to experiment with new chords, or maybe you should stick to your current style I don't care which way you go.

As long as you continue to make music with the same passion I sense from all your songs, you'll be just fine.

Sorry this post isn't helping you improve or anything. Like I said earlier, I don't have any musical talent at all. I'm just posting this as a sort of encouragement.
I have listened to many artists on newgrounds, and I can honestly say without a doubt you are the best in my book, no matter what anyone else says. This may all be biased in the fact that I prefer happy trancey music more so than other kinds, but whatever.

God, what a ridiculously long review.
Just know that I will always be a fan of yours no matter what your style is.

There. Finished. lol.
Oh, and fricking sweet song as well.

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:


Music is freedom!

Let the haters hate, and let the lovers love. As corny as that phrase seems it's oh so true. I like the song, and i'm a fan of yours that sounds like success to me. You probably like the song as you are the one that wrote it, and besides that, if you are happy doing what you are doing then nothing else matters.

Keep up the great work!

Trolls need to get lives.

Leave these people alone. I am quite certain they are not here to impress you. They are here to make music that convey their emotions & share it with others. If anything you should thank them for showing you who they are through their music. I see who you are Phinny & you are deplorable. Good work, Sakura & Company, keep them coming. Your music is beautiful.


PhinnyCupcakes dude does have a point, despite putting it in with profanities...

I guess a better way to put it is that, try to experiment a little? You could never go wrong with music.

Ahh, I might be just bullshiting. Oh well, your music is good. It is awesome. I guess somebody's just not liking that you "reuse"..? some patterns.

Don't stop making music, or I might die one day. Maybe. However, let's make it greater, EXPERIMENT~ ^0^

Well, you can just treat this comment like bullshit, because I seriously have no idea what I'm posting about.

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

im am NOT reusing patterns lets get that straight.

second ok ill experiment ... but dont complain if it sounds like shit, because i really dont know how to make good music from chords that sound different than the ones i use because they tend to sound less happy than i want in my style. i need to be inspired to make music, cant just begin experimenting .

not going off on you or anything, i will try, ty for your review <3

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Sep 25, 2011
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