Live for Tonight -=MMD=-

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Hello Newgrounds,

So I've been bringing all my music equipment to work with me these days. That involves a lot of hauling of equipment, however, this means I get to work on music much more often now. I'll leave the audience to work out their own interpretations of this song, but it was fun to make all the same. All the instruments and vocals were done by me... in a cold basement, on a ping pong table. Ahhhhh feels good to be back.


-=Verse 1=-
From a little boy
To a grown man,
And he knows why
Like a shout in the wind
And he can't cry
Because his past it won't let him

-=Verse 2=-
Such a simple thing
To rest your weary head
And let your guard down
And let it just sink in instead
Like a tone that won't ring
And a bird that won't sing
It's a funny thing
To just need nothing, but you

He just wanted your hand
To give you a hope
To live for today
And the Stars
Never shine bright
When struck by the daylight
So Live for tonight

-=Verse 3=-
So breathless and tired
From running out of time
And deep inside
He knows
That he'll be alright
Beneath the moonlight
But if thoughts were flowers
Then you'd be the rose

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Overall, not terrible.

Like I said, it wasn't terrible, but it didn't make me go "wow!" either. The music in the song was good. The pace of the music had a very definite attitude, but your voice on the other hand, did not. You went in and out of the pace a multitude of times, and your voice isn't that strong to begin with, so every change was noticeable. Verse 3 especially bugged me. You nearly silenced the music to get a solo on your voice, which made me sad. The music made the song and took away most of the problems occurring from your voice. It was unsatisfactory to say the least, because the music was your veil. Your voice doesn't make me cringe, certainly no, but it's nothing that can go on solos. The lyrics were fine, but they were nothing that hasn't been said or done before.

Conclusion: Keep your voice with the pace, keep your voice with the music. The lyrics are fine for wooing the crowds, but if you can find something more... original. Than you will be a better artist. --Nightmarish


I was wondering if I would have to spend all day giving out 7s.
This is a great song. Your voice fits and the music flows. As with this song, you have chosen the words carefully. Nice job. That can be hard to do sometimes.

This communicates a broken past and a bright future. Life starts now. Remember all the pain and frustration and let it go...
It's about recovering and slowly beginning to trust yourself and others.
Reliving life and recycling a shattered past

Lovely piece

The guitar and piano make a nice combination I think as they help produce the main beat for this song to help deliver the message. The bass and violin sound quite lovely together and make you smile too I think. The drums calm you down and make you kind of want to cry too I think. The vocals and lyrics are amazingly stunning I think.

Can kind of see a music video going with this where a guy is simply looking for his place in the world and he has been searching for so long. Then even though he can never find a purpose a girl takes him into her home and she tries to show him a lot of life and make him feel happy for who he is.

Overall, wonderful piece and cheery message.

i love it.

make more plz it is good very good.

Damn, this is pretty damn nice

Love it, all I can say. I would listen to it. GReat job and can't wait to hear more from you.

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Aug 18, 2011
5:05 PM EDT
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