KzX - Severed Thoughts

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Well, I've been working on this for fucking weeks now
and It's crashed my computer more than 10 fucking times
but here the motherfucker is, finally done.
I really liked the hardstyle-influenced vibe of Konvulzions 2.0, so I decided to make another dubstep song with a hardstyle vibe. I guess you could call it hardstep? iunno
anyways, please tell me what you think so I can know if I did it right or not <3

edit: added another synth to parts of the song + made the main wobble bass heavier during the drop



The backwards bass/drums or whatever it is sounds really strange, but I like it. Adds an interesting note to the song.

The song itself is very slow, which I don't like so much. I think it would sound better if it was a bit faster paced. Also the intro begins very very quiet (and some time after the intro there's a silent part as well), which I didn't like too much as well.

Anyway, later on the song gets pretty good and very VERY bassy. Almost too much for my (shitty) speakers, heh. Especially that drop at aroun 4:30 is amazing.

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A bit shallow

Really interesting piece here. Not so fast-paced, which I can enjoy, and it certainly has those hardstyle influences you've mentioned, even though it still can be defined as a dubstep track.

The intro is really, really good. Has a very nice buildup to the track with a great insight on what's to come.

The rhythmics are good, though maybe a bit repetitive. Either way, the samples you've used are pretty damn good, has an absolutely perfect audio quality to them.

The drop around 4.10 was really, really sick. Loved it, it still has that somewhat relaxed feel to it, while being pretty "dirty", in lack of a better word to describe it. some great bass synths, and a really good melody makes it a good track. However, it is a bit shallow, and could've done with some more layers. There is just a bit too little going on with the tracks, some more melodic or ambient synths would be nice.

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Damn this is coming along nicely! :D

I love the bass/ lead synths here, the drums kick major ass, and the side-chaining effects in the song really shine through! To bring quite a rhythmic masterpiece together! and dude the drop @ 4:11 holy FFUuuuuu!
all only to be complemented with some amazing effects to end this one. (Loved the pitch-bending at the end)

Couple downsides to this one as well though.
I couldn't give a 10 on this one cause some of the samples during the big drop at
1:36 didn't seem to have enough Low end to them... in fact they seemed to be all filtered except for the high end :(

Besides that dude...
This track is amazing!

I hope you do another version in the future!
Great Work!
~Dj Sonik

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Nice dub

Well it sounds pretty pleasing on the ears anyways so I will give you that much anyways. Kind of like mind candy as well. The tune plays out a beat that makes you feel weird yet somehow at peace with yourself too as if you could change your bad habits and ways into good habits that will last you a life time and maybe you can save the world too and such.

This piece just makes you feel real calm though for the most part. The synth is really nice and gives a dream like sequence as it plays out too which is cool. Even when it breaks into dub it still remains rather calm to your heart and mind which is quite nice I think since it makes you feel happy.

The bass is subtle and very soothing on the heart to me. Makes me feel happy as well. The drums sound pretty cool and carry a smooth beat that can just calm you down. The dub sounds make it feel like parts of memories were just looping over and over letting you think of the good and bad times you have had in your life.

Overall, really nice piece of work.

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I think you did it right.

Yup. That's about right. Great work, I can't think of anything to suggest.


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Aug 12, 2011
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