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Catchy interesting song. Hope you enjoy!

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What did I just listen to...?

I have a very hard time following this. I'm trying to make sense of the voice clips, but I'm not at all sure what it's supposed to be saying. This would probably go better with some sort of animation. The musical portion of this is much too simple to keep my attention. You could probably do better with some sort of coherent melody, but this seems to be going nowhere in particular.

-M3 of the Review Request Club


Guessing that's a reference to WoW... Ok, on to the song... I won't do my normal "impression" review, as this is too short.

1) The voice clips are ok, but... they aren't put together all that well or even all that cleverly.
2) The bassline. It needs more work, at the very least. It's the same thing, without much of a change except at 0:40 to 0:43. And that's pretty much the only tune to it...
3) The drums. They're really simple and like the bassline and voice clips, not that all well put together.

Not much to say about this... I don't think there's that much potential with it in the end.

Hope you can put out some better songs in the future!

-Review Request Club-


I found this to be a pretty funny piece. However at the same time it seems to be quite lacking in potential sadly. It just seems to be a real simple piece with little rhythm to it sadly. The vocals are pretty funny anyways, reminds me a lot of Sling Blade too.

The bass line is pretty corny anyways. Not bad there. The drums are also cool yet simple here. I just think this could use more rhythm such as a faster bass rhythm and possibly a synth as well to give it more of a techno feel to it.

Overall, just lacking a lot.

Review Request Club

Hmm... has potential

Well, as this "song" goes, there is room for manoeuvre. You have a bunch of lyrics that I couldn't understand, save for some southern hick saying "where's my taters", if I caught it correctly. Please print the lyrics, since that wasn't all they were saying, or make it so that they are balanced better, for greater understanding.

The tune itself was quite basic, with the synth tapping out 8-10 notes and rinsing / repeating. Adding something in there, other instruments, various different notes and perhaps a bass beat to accompany it would change the track massively, which in turn could make this a massive hit.

Personally, I quite like the simplicity of the piece, but if you went and spent a little more time working on this, you'd be able to put yourself into the same camp that users like Weebl find themselves in - making funny songs, which take very little inspiration and seemingly effort as well.

[Review Request Club]


I don't really have much to say about this. Sure enough you could call it experimental, but it just isn't working out. It's very random, has no construction to it at all, and just seem like random voice samples that aren't of the best quality mixed with a buzzed synth and at points, some random rhythmics thrown in.

On top of that it is very repetitive, even though it is so short. It just doesn't seem like much work went into this, and the parts your synth suddenly stops just sound broken instead of adding anything to the track.

Review Request Club

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Aug 1, 2011
1:26 PM EDT
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