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I made this when I was very emotionally torn up.



very cool original and funny wat a song well dun

#1 Fan to #1 Artist.

You do not make any bad songs. And for some reason, the beginning made me think of kirby. And you guessed right. Im a newbie at this stuff, nor do i have the materials to produce or make my own songs. I am looking forward to doing it though....

Rythim-Man responds:

Using MIDI sucks (I would know, cuz I use it), but if we both used that it'd be easy for us to collab...

...imagine the hot kirby songs we could make together!!!

Odd enough, this song was made a long time ago using a different program than I normally used (it's extremely closely related though).

Anyway, to collab with me use Anvil Studios or Finalenotepad. I can do Fruity Loops (which is probably much better), but...um, I have a demo so I woiuldn't be able to add much before I had to quit (and not save).

Free equipment is finalenotepad and Anvil Studios, (and that's exactly why I have those ^_^). And they should come with every [real] instrument and a few other sounds. The most difficult to do on both these programs is percussion, but once you get use to it, it's kinda fun. I may try to send you an example of percussion (which I needed before I could understand it) if you decide to use these software.

Aww, but since you have such excellent musical taste, I'm sure you'll be the hotest artist in no time! :p

[Just not as good as me ;)]


Heh, I was expecting a much heavier melody with your description.

This doesn't sound too torn up, sorry but it doesn't :P.

It does have subtle dones of frustration and anger though, so i'll give it that.

Good structure, and it does sound pretty neat, so i'll give you that.

5/5 from me for this Rythim_Man, sounds pretty wicked, keep them coming.

Rythim-Man responds:

Well, they don't give me enough room to accurately describe it...but hey they give me room here!!

Ok, I made this song because I was real ticked off at my friend because she use to come to me when she felt noone liked her but then I saw her gossiping about one of my friends and I felt used, or betrayed, just plain frustrated and angry...but it was subtle because at the same time I couldn't stay mad...she was my friend, and to be mad at her would hurt me more than help me. That's why you can sense anger, but some pain as well. (I'm serious folks, my heart was actually hurtinng lol). I didn't like it when I made it cuz it reminded me of it, but now that I'm not mad anymore it sounds kinda cool. I actualy made that trying to make a bright tune but the whole situation was so on my mind it turned into...this. I called it pitiless because I was trying so hard not to show pity because when I told her I'm not talking to her nomore she cried, but I still tried not to care. trying not to care was tearing me up inside.

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Feb 20, 2006
2:47 PM EST
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