Eric Freeman - See You Around

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It's been a wild ride!



Bass. More Bass.

This song is a great song by itself, it really, really needs a bass line though..
if you just include that, it would have so much more potential.


it's always sad to see a fellow audioman leave the ranks :(

if you're leaving because of the 0-bombs,just know that scores dont really matter on NG as much as you would think they would be.(at least in the AP) hell,my first song was a 4.17,and then it dropped to a 2.88 an hour later. i was devastated. a few days after seeing the loads of 0-bombers,i had decided for myself to not care about scores. not a single song of mine is above 3.5 anymore,and i really dont care,because the scores dont matter,it's the song and it's content. i hope you understand.

anyways,you and i are alike in a way. i started making music with almost no knowledge. of course i read up a few books on Music Theory,but in the beginning i was just like you.

onto the actual review.

Firstly,i like the synth you're using for the chords. it adds to the feel of sadness.also,it's a very good backing track for potential melodies,which im kinda sad you didnt add a 'real' melody. i like the reverb on the single note there too,it's

mostly,the only 'bad' thing about this track is the fact that it offers no true melody and it's repetitive(as most techno is,but alas) but that is probably it.

Overall,what a tune to go out with a bang. it feels like you're just walking away with a sunset behind you,which i think is pretty cool looking but saddening,to say the least.

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EricFreeman responds:

I know everyone's telling me to not worry about score because it doesn't really matter, but I just have a problem with that. Your most popular submission of 2011 has less than 100 views and no reviews. I know score isn't that important and it's review score you should care about, but when your songs go completely unnoticed it just kind of sucks.

Yeah, a lot of people were looking for a melody in the song, but I have no idea what to do for that. Usually I just hit my keyboard until something sounds good but nothing was really working this time around, haha.

Thanks for your review <3


Take those 0's and throw them in their faces! I get b0mbed with great frequency, but remain happy with scores of around 3.5. So long as there are yet people who truly appreciate great audio, you will always have a place here at NG.

With regards to the music, I thought this was pretty good. It sounds really intense, and would work for a great dance song, I think. I like your choice of instruments, as they give a large variety of feelings to the music.

The only issue I have with it is that there is not much melodic variation. It tends to sound the same after a while, and I lose track of where I am in the song. I would throw in some varying harmony, maybe even a secondary lead instrument to spice it up a little.

Whatever you do from now, do it with everything you've got.

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EricFreeman responds:

That was one inspirational review <3

Yeah, I know it's pretty repetitive, but I really couldn't think of what else I could add. I didn't think it'd be too much of a problem since this was more of a song to move your body to than a song to actually move you (if you get what I mean).

Thanks for listening and I'm glad you liked it :)

it wasn't bad

enough for me to actually want you to leave, but I think that the name you've made for yourself has given you an overblown sense of your own ability.

You get 3 stars because it wasn't constructed from duplo loops, and there seems to be a structure of sorts in there. you payed some attention to the stereo field with the panning clicky things, and it even sounds like you tried to work some harmony and melody in there.

you lose points for a lack of anything that captivates my interest, a fairly unpleasant kick drum that dominates the entire track, the grating and unimaginitive side-chained squarewave "lead" in the background, the awkward sounding tom fills, poorly mixed low end, little to no evolution in the percussion, poor choice of snare drum, nasty crash, no dynamic range whatsoever, little consideration for the overall mix, and it sounds like a massive cut and paste job.

I'm not normally one to criticize, but after talking yourself up hardcore in your news post, I think I was expecting a bit more than this.

EricFreeman responds:

I didn't talk myself up in the newspost. I was trying to show why I'm sad I was leaving this site (I've since changed to just not uploading anymore songs).

I'm completely self taught everything music related so I honestly barely even know what "harmony", "melody" and "dynamic range" mean, let alone how to use them in my music. Instead of being so critical you could have been more helpful.

Although all in all, I guess I can respect you for being an asshole to my face instead of behind my back.


Of course it's annoying to get 0-bombed, but all aspiring musicians on NG will be 0-bombed sometime. I find it weak for you to give in and leave, even though I might understand. Scores aren't everything, broseph.

On to the track: Intro is really promising. You've used really good synths and I really like the beats in this piece, drum samples are pretty damn perfect, and there is some variation in the drums.

Main issue for me is the repetitive nature of the track. Though there are buildups and transitions, I wouldn't say it's a very original track. That is, the melody itself is, the track just seem to repeat itself. Not something I look for in a track.

Again, sorry about the 0-bombers, but don't let them get to you. Your score is already better.

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EricFreeman responds:

I wasn't just zero-bombed. I was attacked over the course of a month or so.

And hey, listen to deadmau5's first album and it sounds the same for an hour and a half so at least I'm doing better than him!

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