Classical Mysticism (Prelim)

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A Rough (and incomplete) song that I wrote last night.
UPDATE: I posted the latest version as "Into the Grey"


Title is important after all

This very short song, in its early stages, seems to have an good hold on where it wants to go but could do with better execution.

Melodically, this song is fairly simple, but I actually think that works quite well with what you've done totally so far. Nothing wrong with the rhythm either, it isn't so simple that it's robotic, but actually has some push to it (until it reached the bridge, where it grinded nearly to a stop like it was approaching a speed bump).

The mixing is mediocre, and the steel stringed guitar sounds very artificial. You have to be careful with that, especially when repeating notes after another. I think it's weird that after playing one note on one string, it rings even after the same note on the same string is plucked again.

Musical ideas are expressed, and executed simply, though the bridge destroyed a lot of what the song had going for it

The song is so short, yet you repeat an idea twice, with some arbitrary sounding "bridge" plopped there in the middle. It doesn't transition at all, and the movements are non-existent in between the two ideas. It doesn't help explain the idea either, which is not doing anything good for the song.

This brings me to the problem of layering: there's not a lot of it. You have some random percussive bass instrument that is too unclear and muddy to listen to with another instrument and a solo guitar which doesn't bring enough depth to the sound.

If you want the song to be really simplistic bring the bass volume down and make it very clear to listen to, so you could hear the two instruments by themselves if you tried to. Otherwise, it needs more layering and more instruments, and building complexity.

My last issue was that most of the song stays in the same octave (which was bold, but didn't work), and there wasn't any dynamic shift.

I know you mentioned how "rough or incomplete" this is, but a little review couldn't hurt anyone.

PS: The title is silly and should be changed to something more creative.

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IAmYossarian responds:

It's actually a solo guitar, but I have no recording tools. As a result of this, I have to generate my music through an artificial channel (I use GP6). I haven't actually mixed the song yet (I literally wrote it in like an hour then submitted it), so I'll lower the bass when I do. When I finish the song, I'll try to change positions so it's not all in open position/first seven frets. I'm still trying to figure out how to properly transition from the intro/chorus (that's what I'm planning, at least) into a slower section without it being so abrupt. However, I don't think a rallentando (gradual slowing of tempo) would fit very well. I may add another intermediate bridge section to try to improve the song's flow. Finally, I'm admittedly really bad at naming songs (if you look at my other songs, none of them are named well), but I'll do my best to think of something which is less cliche. Thanks for submitting a such helpful critique!


lol im suprised that you came up with this in one night this is really good i have nothing bad to say about this i think that this will be a great track if you plan on making a complete one the only problem to me is the sound its probably my fault but its too soft i had to jack my audio all the way up to listen to it but like i said it could just be my computer either way great job

IAmYossarian responds:

Thanks! I'll boost the volume a bit when I finish writing it.

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Jul 4, 2011
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