~ Bitter Sweet Sunlight~ [CAT]

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I'm away for the summer, so I may not get much more than this released before September. This is my mix of Bitter Sweet Symphony, Cornandbean's Sunlight, and Coldplay's Clocks thrown in there too.

Builds over time. Rather short, but I think it works fine. Thanks for listening! Let me know your thoughts!

The bass has a bit of feed back when played through the newgrounds audio player here which I hate, But if you download it (much appreciated!) The bass is crystal clear I promise!

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holy shit!
Nice stuff !
epic bass!

Catstuffer responds:


you my sir

need to add to this, this is something that has great potential, and you can make stff happen. :)

Catstuffer responds:

Well applesauce, I'm not a fan of going back to old projects, as I'm always just experiementing! Haha, I don't make music to sound professional, just to share a mood really, I think?

Regradless, thanks for your review! Glad you like it! :)

Holy eff!

Intro, calm, controlled and it felt like something awesome was brimming, probably my favorite part of the song really. Once the main part of the melody came in (the piano for bittersweet symph) it started to feel just a tad disjoined, but it quickly came together very well.
Not the sunlight I was thinking of, there's an awesome dub remix on NG (and by awesome, I mean awesome...) though I really liked it, the piano was great, and you had some really good sounding synths in here, nothing really crazy fancy, but full of energy and great sounding, there isn't anything "off" in this song, and it's quite a pleasure to listen to on my Klipsch "one" headphones, which have quite the knack for pulling out every bit of sound and laying it right out in the open, if you own some studio phones, or ever get to listen to stuff on them, I'd recommend it, this song is beast in em!

At 57 secs there is a snare that does sound out of place, it gives it a glitchy kinda feel which I do not think fits well in this song (that sorta thing is usually better for glitch metal, and that sort of music) this is more of a smooth song, and it makes your mixing of the tracks seem a little rough at the beginning, other than that this is pretty awesome! (Yeah, I know, I'm super picky...)

Excellent work!


I haven't put anything up on NG for a while, but I am working on one or two pretty awesome things (trying to get everything perfect...) if you want I can let you know when I drop a track, idk when though, cause college is a killer so far...

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks a lot for your review!! Much appreciated! :D I'm using Audio-Technica Studio Monitor headphones and I'd recommend them to anyone on a budget! Great cans for the buck!

Thanks so much for your input! And feel free to let me know when you put something out! Thanks!

~ cat


I really liked this mix especially at 1:22. How did you create the sound that plays the melody at 1:45 if you don't mind explaining? Once again, I love your work : ]

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it. I too like the part at 1:22. To answer your question, at 1:45 I used the pulse synth 2 from marypoppins music. If you youtube marypoppins music you should get to the video. The sounds is simply 3xOsc in Fl Studio with some effects. Most sounds here are once again based from Nexus.

Thanks for reviewing! :D


This is some epic remix.. mix lol. Everything sounds great.. the breakbeat drumming really makes this track unique and goes with your style in most of you tracks. Great job. Sad to hear you might not be releasing anything over the summer.

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks for reviewing TIMarbury! Glad it pleased your ears! I will try to produce some more throughout teh summer on my time off, but I can't guarantee anything :( Drums took the longest of anything to do in this song! I think the breakbeat fits in tehre nicely, but its a pain to make :S I think I'll make some straight up techno-trance music this summer if I can get anything released!

Thanks again for reviewing! :D

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May 20, 2011
8:05 PM EDT
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