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Until The Sun (Original Song)

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Until The Sun (Lost Dreams) by Not For Long

Guitar by Patrick Caputo
Vocals by Matt Perez
Written by Matt Perez

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needs more appreciation

the guitar needs some work. i listened to this quite a few times before i could really put my finger on what makes this song so great. Ithe vocals are good. was put together really well... Id tell Mr. Caputo to practice a bit more. overall this song is awesome. keep it up.

Rare and Absolutly Beatiful!

Melody: The melody is very simple, but it's incredibly contagious
and relaxing, in other words, simply wonderful. (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Beat: Throughout the song, I could only see a slight mismatch
which in itself is absolutely incredible, it's very hard to keep time
during the music, the gap was something almost imperceptible to my ears,
but you could quickly get back to the time of the song, proof that you
have an awesome inner time, gap only once. Congratulations! (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Instruments: You play very well, even the guitar being the only instrument
in music it was balanced, it was also very well written, even with my horrible
headphone i could notice the great quality audio and mastering, is clear, clean,
full and bright. Congratulations! (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Voice: It is rare to see voices like yours around here, I like the fact of
not having to hear another "robot generation voice AUTO-TUNE", just with this
I'd give you a point in that matter, but you get beyond it, your voice is refined
and you still can use it wisely, thus making you a rare singer, many singers
have technique but lack Feeling, but you have both. Congratulations! (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Letter: This is not an issue that I normally review, since most of the songs that
I listen and review are instrumental. As a deep lover of poetry and all forms of
art, I would praise you for the great lyrics, sentimental, simply, well written and
beautiful, perfectly paced with the music. Congratulations! (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Final Thoughts: My congratulations! I am really amazed to find a talent in your
level here, most here are amateur musicians who usually has more knowledge about
creating music through synthesizers and VST's and end up losing the roots of
good music and musical skills.

(Actually I'm pretty much one of them, but unlike some of them, I know how to
appreciate good music when it comes to my ears)

Keep up the great job!

Suggestions: You really should try the radio, to popularize your music,
although not as electronic as the songs that are successful with the masses today,
is a beautiful song with a wonderful letter.

Another factor may help you disclose it and popularize it, is the factor of being
relatively simple to play, many people love to play it for those who love,
is awesome to play with friends and things like that.

Add also in the description of you songs a brief story about your inspiration
to create it, what fellings you want to pass, how you felt to create it, if it
was made to someone, place for whom it was made, and things of this kind. It is always
exciting to know what led an artist to inspire and create their work.

Take advantage of this factor, I also would like to ask you permission to play it
for a very special girl to me, if I may, can you pass for me the chords of the music,
saves me a long time, I'm not very good at taking chords by ear. If you Enjoy the idea,
place the tablature on a website along with lyrics, is a great way to popularized it.

Congratulations! (5 / 5) (10/10)

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seatellite responds:

of course you can play it for whoever you'd like! this is under the Creative Commons License under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (:
Also, the chords are quite simple, it's simply the same 4 chords the entire song, except the chorus is fingerpicking.
The chords are:

The song is in standard tuning.

that's the whole song. (:
I hope you're special girl enjoys it my friend <3

wow :)

i love this, i'm not normally into this style but this... was amazing
i found it touching, and man, you have the best voice ive ever heard, Love it, keep it up :D

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soo awesome

great guitar and vocals try to put this on the radio or something you need more recognition!!!

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seatellite responds:

lol I wish I could get this on the radio, but unfortunately, it doesn't have enough "electronic" sounds. Everything has to sound so poppy now. A solemn acoustic track just won't cut it apparently =/


man I'm glad i decided to listen to this! definitely worth it! great work!

5/5 10/10 amazing!


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seatellite responds:

thanks man!

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