The Story(what Y'all Fight For

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walk in to the place
get a good look around

so im jus chillin in the place
30 min before shit go down

a bad ass chick go walkin by
my n***as think she fly

but see i got a chick
so she doesnt get my eye

but see i digress from the point at hand
cause see unbnounce to my n***a the broad had a man

he walk up to the chick and ask for the number
and the deebo older brother but my boy up in a slumber\


so then i walk up to my n***a trynna scope the situation
but then i get closer and wanna have nothing to do with the situation

so i chill and act like i dont kno a soul
cause if her man knew i was wit him my black ass would be swole

so i dipped jus as his eyes caught mine
i broke out so fast it would make the flash go blind

but i guess he saw me and i started hittin 4 flats
but then i get to ride and all i see is 4 flats


so then i rise from being passed out
this n***a so big he look like he made tapout

but im cool im like i dont wanna resort to violence
but then he like fuck that shouldnt have started wildin

so then i aint gonna lie i thought my shit was done
this n***a shot me in the chest and he aint have no gun

but then i look up and in burred vision
i see my other bois and my fucked up n***a


so now picture this im layed out against my own ride
i see the grim reaper im comeon im ready to die

this swole ass beast so damn ready to take my life
cause my n***a was try so hard to spoon his wife

im like this aint my fault nor is it my battle
im feelin like a snitch to save my life imma tattle

so i tryed to talk some shit and reverse all his anger
it may sound fucked but i successfully switched the danger

he looked wit the quickness and aimed at my n***a
my boi yelled at me you gonna die when i get ya

so as he bagan to buck after my nigg and i got ass up
and now we gotta figure out who fucked the tires up

so im like what the hell who coulda did this
a female voice laughed and me in the distance

jus as it seems we all ran out of luck
it comes to reveal it was all my ex settin us up


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Apr 7, 2011
4:16 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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