Secret of Mana Intro Theme!!!

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Secret of Mana mmmm my favourite classic RPG from SNES!! this song! is just the best! DL!!


Actually very good!

Very good indeed, but I must ask who scratched the disc? The skipping hurts my head badly.

blue-solitude responds:

Oh my, lol it's been ages since I've logged on here. you're right it sounds like it's skipping 0_0 this is not a cd it's an mp3 haha must be due to being a very old file on this website. so weird. never use to do that. I'll see if I can update it. Thanks for your comments ^_^

A beautiful new take on a Classic Theme.

Lovely, Kind of hip-hopish, but still good.

I just gave 5...

Because I can remember what theme this is, wether its SoM or SoM2.

Sounds good anyway.

just kidding

like it but you can do better plz try

a bood!

I never played this game before... I can tell it probably has good music, though. Good job once again! It sounds really cool!

In response to your answer to my recent question: Yes, I do play piano and understand how you could work the drumbeat button in with your temporarily unused finger. I guess I just couldn't have done it very well. Especially not as quick and perfectly synced as you, being the great pianist that you are! =)

And yet another question! I know you love them!

Do you usually get the songs right the first time, or do you have to play them a few times before you can get through the whole thing with little, or no mistakes?

One more thing!

I responded to your review on my song, just in case your interested in reading it. It's a pretty long one, and I even gave you a present! It had a sort of chocolatey theme too! I know you asked me for some chocolate earlier! =D LOL

blue-solitude responds:

hehe yay!! I want my Chocolate I go get it! oh and to answer your question when I first try to learn or play a song I of course practice alot before I get it right and sometimes even then I don't get it 100% right but I add my own piece to it so the song sounds completed there are only a few songs I can usually play by ear and pick up the whole piece 100% but most I generally have to add my own melody or tune to them to make them feel and sound more complete as explained above ^_^ and again Thanx for the great review hehe ;) to you my Number one Fan :D a GIANT CHOCOLATE COOKIE!!!! (.; ) <---.. ok ok I tried to make this thing look like a cookie but I think you know the idea! LOL ENJOY!! ^_^

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3.39 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2006
9:59 AM EST
Video Game
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