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To The Hip Hop Modern Portal:
Smh @ the zero-bombers, as underground artist.. we shouldn't be trying to bring each other down we should be encouraging each other to keep producing real music to destroy the stereotypes people have on modern today hip hop. That beef stuff is elementary school.. I look @ the past and see how STUPID that shit is (I didn't notice how many people looked up to me & I set a bad example for the youth)... but I was "young" and kids do dumb shit when they're young so I have an excuse.. the sad thing about it is... I was the kid beefing but, there was actually grown ass men beefing over an exchange of text messages.. now thats sad. Now that I'm a grown... I look at everything different... We need peace in the industry & for hip hop!

(H)ip (H)op (H)ippie movement #GET WIT IT!
(also known as "The Triple H" movement)


Now you can download my listeners.

For those TheEyeOFMusiK fans out there that know my work from 06-08, I produced this beat from scratch, 100% original & NO samples... the usual.

I could've spat fast or spit more words in the bars... but this song is deeper than rap (I'm at that point where I don't need to prove myself to anyone anymore)... For all those critiques out there.. this was created to touch people, and for people out there going through something similar to relate to.

This track is pure emotion.

Word to the fans:
I know ya'll had one of those girls that was wifey status in your books.. you know that ride or die chick that's always there for you.. that girl that'll be there for you even when you have a girlfriend. That girl you hook up with even though you have a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend, that girl who you'll always be lustin' n luvin' even if you already had your way with other chicks. Well yea... because of my "image as a rapper" (she calls it) she's always thinkin' a n***a cheatin' on her when I go to the studio.... saying that I don't care about her cuz I don't put her before my music.... I made this song to set things straight.

reverbnation.com/TheEyeOF MusiK

[I want to know what people think of this, I respect people who actually listen to music and points out things others couldn't]

@Fans #I LOVE YOU! d:D


nice beat... the song itself was ok

Oh gosh, deep music incoming!

I really like your beat, but your lyrics and flow sounds awful man. You don't sound like you have passion, you sound like you're half asleep. Also you keep dragging out words for way to many syllables, sounds awkward.

Still, like I said, your beat was pretty good, so kudos for that. I'd just work on your lyrics and more importantly your flow.

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thats a nice concept bro u actually rappin about something nice

ses 4 years and you still floppin son?

you need to lay off the swagger jacking ya ere me bananaboat ey? chi chi mon? lol

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TheEyeOfMusiK responds:

Actually I got top page this year.. have you?


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Jan 29, 2011
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