"Journey - Reloaded" - Collab.

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Hello NG! This is a collaboration project between Dudidum and myself. The original piano piece played by Dudidum was over 8 minutes long and can be heard at www.newgrounds.com/audio/
listen/341848. Dudidum released it on 06/19/2010. I came along and found the piece on 12/20/2010 and it really inspired me. So I wrote to Dudidum and asked if he would mind if I collaborated with him on this piece. He actually liked the idea so I started working on layering a Symphony Orchestra on top of his original piece.

He mentioned that the piano was tuned a little off from the normal 440Hz. To make it work, I adjusted its pitch to match with the other instruments that would be playing along with it. After about 10 hours of work, I now present to you the first half of "Journey - Reloaded." Enjoy!

The sounds in this piece come from EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition layered on top of Dudidum's original piano recording. I used Sony Acid Pro 7.0 as the host program.

NOTE: As I mentioned above, this is only the first half of the song. I don't know if I will finish the 2nd half though. I guess it really depends on the votes we receive on this. That is, if it can maintain a score that keeps it on the first page of the Classical Genre, then it will inspire me to work on and finish the second half. :)


Brilliant fictional narrative...-like...ish thing

I find this collaboration to be well worth it. Looking forward to second half of the journey. While, I'm not one for the amount of crescendo with the strings 0:05-0:30, I really like the overall composition, clarity, and movement of the piece. I am curious how you composed this symphony, and if the piano was done in the same way. The song reminds me of the end of a dream I once had, sadly that dream did not end, and I am waiting to find out what I find at the end. Perhaps, when if you two create part 2, I will have glimpse of the answer.

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Wow! How breathtaking!

Wow, this is quite an incredible piece. Very graceful, calm, and dare I say emotional. (No homo) It sure is a nice break from all the heavy metal, dubstep, and other loud ass crap on here. This can totally go with a movie credits it's just so breathtaking! You two really did an awesome job together. Now that I think of it...The Audio portal should have a collaberation option like the flash portal. Maybe Tom will put it in the redesign.

That said nice job guys!

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This is just too beautiful.

That no words may be able to suffice what I want to say.

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You most definitely have created a great accompaniment to the original track. I feel it gives it more depth while maintaining the emotional quality of the plain piano track. The only criticism I can give for this piece is that it isn't both parts :)

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^^ hihi my boyfriend has written this :D my dear lovely one :D
wonderful arrangement too!!! Cant wait for the 2nd part!!!
Greetings from Vienna!

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XayberOptix responds:

It looks like I may have to start writing the 2nd part. This has barely made it on the front page of Classical genre at the 50th place. :)

By the way, you have a talented man in your hands. Keep him! ;)

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Dec 23, 2010
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