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This experimental track is my first attempt at a loop.

I did get some inspiration from the Megaman X games, particularly the ones of the Super Nintendo. Ah.. good old SNES. Anyway, at least to me, this song sounds like it would be at home in an intro level or a regular stage in a Megaman X-styled game, hence the title.

As this is my first loop, constructive criticism is appreciated. I reply to all reviews, so feel free to leave one. :) Hope you like this little tune!

Update: An extended and improved version of this track is in the works.


Love it!

Love this loop!

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Sweet! Glad to hear that, even though this really is an experimental track. :) Thanks a lot for the excellent review!

i liked it

it was pretty good with the loop i bet if you wanted you could be a video game composer and can make some good music keep up the good work.

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Ah, ha! Well, thank you very much for the encouraging review and I'm glad you liked this track. :)

Another original, another review.

I can see where you got your inspiration, and I can make the connection to MMX easily (fake guitar and rock sound + synth, yay). I think you sort-of overkilled the sound, though.

That 'guitar' sounds too much in-between 'fake' and 'real', so I'm getting an 'uncanny valley' effect, here. If you're going to go fake, make sure it's really synth-y - that's what made MMX guitar so classy, back in the SNES days (Protricity made a great example of this on the OCR track 'Brainsick Metal' - check it out sometime). Either that, or you can try to make the guitar sound more realistic one way or another (better samples, more human execution, dynamic variation... a combination of these things). The guitar right now just sounds like it tried to go for both and missed the mark on both fronts.

The soundscape, while fitting for the SNES, seems like you could've filled it harmonically a little bit better than with the keyboard synth you used. Experiment using simple textures rather than block chords with more solid synths - you'd be surprised how much better the soundscape could be filled out.

Otherwise, the loop is quite effective - the point of repetition is rather seamless (even while a little obvious with the silence - that's not a bad thing, really). Go, Megaman, go!

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Ah. Well, I am using a rather old software synthesizer at this point as I can't seem to figure out how to export .WAV files directly from my MIDI-sequencing program, otherwise I would use my more-versatile soft synths: Roland VSC and Yamaha XG. The soft synth in question? WinGroove (And this one lets you convert MIDIs into WAV files directly through the player, but only using it's sound set). This program was made back in 1995 and it even runs on Windows 3.1 (Good old 16-bit Windows, eh?) So I understand the tone data is kinda... odd here and there.

Perhaps you can please recommend some cheap or free software synthesizers?

I am working on an extended and improved version of this track. I'll be sure to let you know when it is complete. :)

Thank you very, very much for taking the time to leave such very thorough critique! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you liked this tune. :)


this really sounds like megaman X, umm...what sould i say, well this is pretty good but i'm not gonna download this one (sorry) but i would not like when my winamp would start playing this song i would go like **yeah finally some musik'' and after 38 seaconds it will suffle a new song and i would say ''blaah'' and don't even think about saying that i can make my winamp repeat the same song because i don't like to use it :D. and now i'l leave newgrounds and chek it again sometime so i can download more of your songs. (and use them for my own EVIL desires...not :)

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Well, I am working on an extended version of this track. This loop is really meant to be played over and over again in the background on an action game of some sort. I'll let you know when I have the full version of this track posted. Glad you still enjoyed this tune and thank you very much for the lengthy review! I really appreciate it. :)

Man, you know what this makes me think of?

There are two intro stages from the old SNES games that this song would definitely have fit, the intro stages from Megaman X2 and X3. You remember those stages right? Now I dare you to play those games and have this song playing on those stages. It matches more the X2 stage than X3, but it could work. I think a better for it to fit on X3 would have been the water stage with Toxic Seahorse. The stage music is kinda similar to this, thus my thought on it fitting with the stage. Have you noticed my profile pic though? It's not quite Zero, but hey, he looks like him. They need to make a freaking two player Megaman X game and this should be the song for the intro stage. And they should include my character, so Axl isn't the only young one.

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Ah, yes! Megaman X2 and X3 were great games and they had a lot of excellent tunes, too! It's pretty hard to make something that measures up to classic songs like those, but good to know I'm on the right track. :) Thank you very, very much for another excellent and thorough review. I greatly appreciate it!

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