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White TIger Shark

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very fast pace, and in fo face

i didn't really add alot of synths in this one....cause i didn't really have much time. SINCE i totally didn't even realized what the deadline was untill like 2 days ago. listen for the hardcore part in the middle of the song.

Why this song called white tiger shark? I don't know.

i suggest to listen through headphones....so you can hear everything.


Not bad at all.

You definetely made the song energetic, if that was what you were going for. The intro instantly set off with a nice fast -paced beat, which you mantained quite well for the whole song. The transition into the main section was great, with a good drum beat to help it along. In fact, transitions in general were great, as were the melodies, although these got a bit repetitive at some parts. AS for Blend, the instruments blended together quite well, and there wasn't any dominance for power as is often the case. Outro was awesome as well, and left me hoping for more. Overall, great song, loads of potential, keep it up!

Intro = 1.5/2
Outro = 1.5/2
Blend = 2/2
Transitions = 2.5/3
Bass = 2/2
Originality = 2.5/3
Drums = 2/2
Melodies = 3/4
Score = 17/20 = 8.5/10

Note: This is your review from the NGADM Round 2 and as always im posting it here for your convenience.


HighBallers responds:

thank you brah

Holy shit, this is good!

Throughout the entire competition I've been waiting to actually review one of your songs considering my preffered genre. Can't be biased though so I'm going with the same review structure that I give everyone else now. Before that I will note that while your opponent did a completely different genre, there are many similarities such as the past 2 minute song, the multiple parts, and a very awesome solo-ish part. I will also note that this brings some nostalgia back in me from when I listened to thrash metal alot.

Composition: One thing that sets you apart from your competitor aside from the genre is how you change the progressions, each progression that you used... I can't say too much about the progressions, they're just extremely suiting and I really really like them. The melodies in the each part are great as well, the two melodies that stand out the most is the one at the beginning and the very fast solo at 1:20, the solos shows that you have skill with the guitar, and I really appreciate that as a guitar player myself.

Instrumentation: Given the genre, there's not much to say about the instrumentation, it's pretty basic compared to the electronic genres. There's more than meets the ear though, not all distortions are the same. The distortion used for the guitars sounds very thrashy and that's why it gives me nostalgia when I listen to it. One thing about the drums, if BMI's correct and you're using FL, then I have to say, they sound pretty bland, not the drumbeats themselves, but the drums if you know what I mean. I would talk with him and get some samples, they could come very useful later in the competition if you make it that far.

Mastering: with my knowledge of Metal, this is mastered quite well, one little nitpick I have is the lead guitars a just a tad bit quiet for my liking, they're not underpowered or anything, it's just it seems like they need to stand out alot more than they are.

Great work!

HighBallers responds:

ha, sweet thanks a bunch man. Yep, BMI hooked me up with a badass kit.

Appreciate the comment, its nice to read how somebody can listen to a song very deeply.

I had all my guitar tracks tuned to the same volume level to give it that live performance feel. ha, but maybe i should cranked up my solo a lil more.

Pretty cool

Dig the panning. Cool tune. Are you using FL for the drums? If so, I have a BUTTLOAD of samples that can just be dropped in to each channel, if you like. I'd gladly share.
Anyways, cool tune.

Current Score

4.67 / 5.00 (+ 0.071)

Very Metallica! |m| |m|

Good stuff my friend. Just a couple things though, if you really want stuff to come out in your future works:

1.) Add a little bit of room send reverb to your drums to get them to pop out more. Give them a 2-3 dB raise in the mids and highs, and your drums will be beautiful.
2.) I'm not entirely sure if how you're getting your guitar on the track; if you have your own software, that's cool, but have you ever heard of impulses? Essenitally, they emulate a cab setup, and they can give your guitar a beautiful live tone if you download the correct waveform. This will give your guitar a beautiful tone (just check out my song "Broaden Your Sound"/"Image >Unmastered<", not entirely sure which one you'll 'ppreciate more; they're the same song, but one version I tried to master and failed =P).
3.) Try setting your guitar on a different master than with the main master through side-chaining. This will take your guitar from the back of the mix to the front of the mix, at par with the drums, and we'll be able to hear the beauty of that guitar!
4.) Lol I'm sorry but that solo is whack! I know what you're aiming for, but it's sloppy. Solos are extremely difficult to pull off under most circumstances, so you gotta spend time with them, period. Practice the solo until you're sick of it...and don't attempt anything too extraordinary (tempting as it is), because all that will happen is that you'll muddy up the solo more than you want. The solo must be do-able and beautiful. (I understand you didn't have a whole lot of time to work on this track...and I didn't have much time on my own...but I'm mentioning this for your future songs).
5.) Give that bass some presence by giving it some bass boost - but not too much. A slight amount of treble boost might not be a bad idea either, to give it a nice, slappy rich tone. It just depends on what you're aiming for.

Good stuff man, good luck in round 3! ;)


HighBallers responds:

i wasn't really aiming my solo towards anything, i was just whipping out a couple of guitar licks in a sequences. I will admit, i did make it up right on the spot when i recorded the track. I wasn't used to soloin' to the key of E, i'm still learning ya know. I'm getting a new drum program, for sure. I'm only using Fl-studios, i need to step it up. For the guitar tone, i'm saving up for a better guitar, and that should give me the best improvement for my line-6 interface.

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3.04 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2010
2:06 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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