.:TD Simple Orchestral Power

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Think you can improve this song?

Message me and i'll send you the .flp!

You must have the vst's

'Miroslav Philharmonik'
'SI- String Section' installed for it too work though.

Thoughts please!



Frist i wanna tell you my thoughts about this piece.
The first thing which leaped into my ears, was the very bad mixing.
It sounds like (and im guess im right) there is a limitier switched on. Let me give you the advice : NEVER put a limiter or compressor on classical music.
I cant barly hear the horns .. the percussion is soo loud.
Im also missing the reverb, roomsound and stereophony - which makes an big part of some more realistic sound.
You have also the so called "maschineguneffect" in your strings, because of the repitations - you can avoid it by either cyceling different samples for the same note, using RR samples or change some other midi parameters like pitch, modulation (or whatelse) for every note.
Another point is in the stereofield ... the middle is nearly complete empty just filled with the percussion right in the face.
To the composition :
There is a lot to be done...
You have called it "orchestral power" .. .but to be honest , i dont hear any power in there. So how do you create power ? For example by realeasing tension or building large chords for the whole orchestra (especially the brass) with some sort of slow percussion (bass drum for example).
You could also change that cello figure, alter it, let some other instrument play it ... put some buildup tension in there. Its just everytime the same.
Another point are dynamics (in the basses for example) - a must have. Even more for some powerful moment.
Well okay .. thats all what came to my mind right now.
Your homework is ... listen classical music (NOT hans zimmer :P), to learn by hearing.
So to answer your question, i can improve your song, but i think thats a matter of you and your work- i will only give you hints :)

I give you a score of 5 and a vote of 2.
Go and work on it - put some more time into it, if you want to improve yourself !

TomDavies responds:

Whao! What a review! Certainly a lot of good advice here to work on, thankyou! I'll message you shortly with a download link to the .flp.

As for the song itself, i planned it out in about 20 minutes, the melody came to me randomly in school so i wanted to stick it in FL Studio before i forgot it. The mixing/ proper separation of each instrument is something i'm currently working on.

As for the 'classical' genre, it's meant more for the Harald Kloser/Hans Zimmer style, nothing else. And my main producing genre is Trance anyway, so orchestral style is totally new to me.

Thanks! :)

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