Flashlight [Pre-Release]

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Update2: Fixed the bass and uploaded. It sounds much better, but certain parts were screwed up because of the new instrument, I tried my hardest to fix but if you notice anything annoying please let me know. :] (Also be careful if you have a sub, there is a lot of bass now. x__x)

UPDATE: I never noticed the lack of bass. I've been using a subwoofer, without it there is nothing. I am working on a viable alternative instrument. The improved bass will be in the final release. :]
Thank you for the suggestions. (And pointing that out... dur)

Flashlight is a tentative title please suggest a better one! :]

After a long struggle with this song, I'm ready to release the pre-release. PLEASE suggest different mastering and/or audio techniques that you feel would improve how the song sounds.

Thank you so much!


I like this.

I love the ambience of this, though as it's not finished I'll reserve most of my judgement for the final outcome if you do choose to release it publicly.

I do like what you have so far, it's very nice and as I said earlier, the ambience is very nice . The bassline you have, seemed to be really "attacky" (if you don't get me, FFR PM me and I'll explain it more in detail). . though I don't like it in this sense as it sort of doesn't do much until less synths are being heard/used. .

I guess it lacked drums (for me) but I guess I listen to breakcore the most so it is just me, but I could see some nice ditty glitches on top of it haha (not marking you down there though as that's personal preference).

FINISH THIS SHIZNIT AND DO STUFF. Never knew you made music man, it's nice stuff and you have great potential if this is just a pre-release. . All the best. :)


...is the word I would use to describe this tune of yours. It is quite laid back and easy on the ears, and doesn't require much of the listener. One can simply sit back, throw this on as background music and enjoy the song in an indirect way.

I will say that I think it is not quite varied enough for my taste. You really are wearing out that one rolling synth line. It isn't a bad synth line, but it does become stagnant about halfway through the song. I would think about changing it up. You could possibly have it slow down and just play a nice melody line instead of just being the harmony.

Also, this could use some more instruments or synths in it, as well as some percussion. Right now it seems to be quite thin and needs some more breadth and depth of sound. Adding some more instruments, synths, and percussion would help fill out the sound a bit.

It isn't a bad little tune. It just doesn't wow me at the moment.

4/5 and 7/10 overall. Not bad, but could use some more lovin' before you decide it's finished.


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Zageron responds:

Thanks for the input, and I agree with everything except the variation comment. I varied it enough, in my own opinion, to keep the song the way I wanted it to be. I do see what you mean though, and I am incline/entitled to disagree ;)

I'll do a little work, but I think I've about 'worn out' the song. I've got a lot of University time coming up so I'll be sitting down every day for a few minutes to build new songs.

Thanks again!

Nice :)

This song is really good already, really it doesen´t need much changes, you could try to put some bass but just a little because to much bass though out the whole song would destroy it, that´s what I think. Maybe you could put som bass were the song builds up :)

Zageron responds:

Hmm. I guess I should listen to this song through a few variations of headphones. I'm using a nice 5.1 speaker system with a subwoofer. That might be my problem because I have PLEANTY of bass.

Thank you for the suggestions. :]

W00t! \(^.^)/

Pretty good, but it needs more influence from the background track, otherwise, 9/10, 4.5/5

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Zageron responds:

Hmm, interesting thought. Thanks. :]

Aesome, new title?

really god, title ideas?
heres a few:

"Terms OF Solitude"
"Kingdom of Silence"
"Neon Terrace"
"Lost Empire"

or my personal favourite:

"Harbinger of Light"

:P, theres a few ideas, i think something in latin would be cool if you could.

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Zageron responds:

Hey! Thank you very much. I have written those down for future reference, thanks for the ideas. :]

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