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--Cold Misty Morning--

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Author Comments

Cold misty morning
Fog over water
New day is dawning
On the father of my daughter

That is I, just me
A metaphor for self
For a he, not a she
As I sit on icy shelf

Looking out at the Sun
Eclipsing the Moon
Now a new day is done
Spun to a new tune

Strewn, outta sight
Scene's set right in front of ya
Go to bed for the night
Or you might get insomnia

Rest, try your best
Or your might get pneumonia
Cover up, nest
I guess that this is premier

First time approached
When you lay on the sand
So settle down, Coach
Don't be too bland

This is brand spartacus
Ending with a xerox
So shed your parti pris
Yeah, don't put this in a box

If it rocks, let me know
But what them 0's about?
So quid pro quo
Thank you much and I'm out!

(Thanks for listening!)


Good, not great

-Always nice to have something made by someone in the club. It happens every once in a while and shows that some of us are really talented in aspects other than reviewing.

-I really liked the burst of percussion in the beginning but it didn't build too well off of that in the beginning. You seemed to keep the same repetitive beat of the cymbals throughout most of the song. While the only complimentary thing that was added happened to be the electronic sounds. I just felt it was way too repetitive for the length of the song.

-Review Request Club

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks for the review, sixflab... you're actually the bomb!

Haha I didn't see this review for yonks, but it's great to see that last review... I wish to make something more like this next time! Thx bro! ^_^


Mmm... Alright

This submission got an awesome rhythm, I was moving my cursor side to side like if it was dancing while I was hearing this, hahaha.
The tittle of the song fits nicely with the submission itself, it's somewhat relaxing and happy. But I gotta say I found this repetitive. I'm aware it's just 2 minutes but at least you could had added something that "breaks" out that, Know what I mean?
Nice sounds and bits you used for this, they were great.
Conclusion: Nice!

Voting Details:
Voting Power: 6.77
Voter Number: 6
Voted 5: 4.17 / 5.00 (+ 0.32)

[Review Request Club]


spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks man, glad to hear it. Glad that you enjoyed it, I'm constantly looking for new ways to make my music go POW! like you know, what you were waiting for... I'll continue the search for the fabled WOW moment in the future. But thanks, repetition is most probably my greatest musical enemy. Thanks!



I thought that this was an ok beat but you should have sang with the song so It made it seem less empty because some of it sounds the same. You should also make it longer with more things in it too but this is the first Newgrounds song that I had heard without a loop in a while. The beat was good but put more things in the background because it's kind of empty like it needs something. I dont know what else I can say about this but, I will give you an overall review:

The beats were good but the thing was empty, it needs more things added to it. I think that is all.

~Review Request Club~


spartacusxerox responds:

Yeah, I'm trying to make it a lot more filled out without making it seem to busy. Muchly appreciate your opinion, glad to hear encouraging feedback on this one, and lots of it. Thanks for your review, man :D


Dang. I love this.

The only thing you could do to make this song better is actually sing your lyrics in it. invest some money in a microphone, and btw, make sure it's a good investment, I have one, but it sucks. 10/10.

spartacusxerox responds:

Thank you, gamekrazzypro, glad you like this song. I was thinking about getting my sister to sing, or some other girl. Because I really think a girl's voice would really suit this one.

So, I'm feeling very sleepy now, and I'm veryglad you reviewed many of my submissions. Thanks, bro. I'll get round to reviewing some of yours soon


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Jul 24, 2010
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