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I stumbled across this beautiful piece of music last night
When I heard it I just knew right then and there that I was going to make a remade version
Took me approx. 3-4 hours from scratch doing the whole thing by ear

Thanks to Wolftacular for his brilliant skill on the keyboard and his Brilliant mind for coming up with such a beautiful piece
And an extra special thanks to him for coming up with an addition to the remake (The ending piano)
Credits also to Wolftacular for his echo/reverb effect used on the Intro Piano and the Finale Piano

The Intro was made for those listeners who have not heard the original piece by Wolftacular
I wanted to give a tiny taste of his version at the beginning and fade into my version then at the very end have a moment of silence before the unveiling of the original piece which makes the perfect ending for my song

I hope you all like this piece, I slaved over this thing and pulled an all nighter and waited all day to put this on the AP after hours of turning more ideas into a masterpiece

Best of all I had a lot of fun doing this song


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Not as good as the original, but still VERY good :-)

DjBliss responds:

Thank you very much, it is one of my better tracks


I liked it.

But as sigh123321 stated, the name is supposed to give somewhat of a sorrowful feel. This song felt sort of sorrowful, but it just feels...... I guess it feels kind of empty in a way. I just don't feel the amount of emotion going into the making of this piece as compared to the original.

In terms of it as a song in itself: Its a good song, nice beat, and feels rather relaxing yet somewhat entrancing. The added piano seemed a bit repetitive, but was almost addicting in a way.

All in all: Good song, but not stellar in terms of a remix.

DjBliss responds:

Thank you for the awesome review :)

Nothing "new" added

My criticism will be similar to MP2E's, except I'll tell you exactly why =). The song name, Martyr, tells the listener that he/she will be hearing an emotional and sorrowful/solemn song. The original achieved that emotion with the crisp sharpness and high pitch of the piano; kind of like accentuating the tears shed for the hero who gave all. With the more broad and lower key piano that you used the emotion was more of apathy than solemnity, emotions which do not move the listener as much. Also, your motif(piano theory for primary "theme") never changed throughout the whole entire song. This equals major repetitiveness.

DjBliss responds:

Well Thank you for actually Describing what made this deserve a 6..... :)

Yes I have to agree with you it is a bit repetitive and does not achieve the same deep emotion as the original, but my version was not meant to be exactly like the original

Think of in a dramatic action game from beginning to end of the song:

A guy starts out mourning a loved one he has lost in a great battle. As the song gets more intense he fights to avenge the death of his loved one. Battling through emotions and tough times fighting the battle of his life. and when he finally achieves his goal he goes back to the grave and sets flowers on the grave and a tear of joy falls on the grave and he walks away into sunrise and disappears

I cannot take full credit for this story either because in the list of reviews on the original a guy describes almost the same thing, but the difference is my song captures more essence of this story

Thank you for your review and constructive criticism :)

I really enjoyed it!

I don't like that people are hating on it just because it isn't the same as the first. I found that it touched just as deeply, but in a differant kind of way than the first, and I appreciate that. Makes me wonder more than think, If that makes any sense to you. Anyway, thank you for makeing this, I thought it was really goo, and that it had more of a deeper quality to it. Actually now that I think of it, its kind of like the origional was a childs veiw of something, compared to a more grown-up veiw of the same thing. At least in my opinion. alright thanks -oni

DjBliss responds:

It does touch as deeply as the other song in a different way and I do think it is more of a "grown up" version of the song.
Thank you for the great review and your kind words :D


ok soooooo this is amazing i love it props to u for taking a song revising it but still keeping its original beauty

DjBliss responds:

The intention was to keep the originality of the song but add a little "spice" to it
My favorite part of this whole song is the original piece is still there just at the end (Wolftacular's idea)
Thank you for your kind words :D

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