DJYeoh - TikTok[ElectroHouse]

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Original Song: Ke$ha - TikTok

Okay guys! This is my epicness skills in electro. Bt trance is still number 1! This took me 5-7 days to finish. This is Should and i mean it should be one of the epic remix i've made besides Eurodancer or DjAntoine - In my dreams.
For you people who hate slow house/electro, pls skip forward to the main part. It should blow your bloody brains off and i mean it. It blew my cats brains off from its poor ear.. Alrght hope you enjoy this song.
Love you guys! Oh and this is remaked with Virtual Dj and Fl studio 9 XXL :)

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Youtube: www.youtube.com/yeho09

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"dude, do you think that other djs asked for permission for a remix of their songs?"
- as a matter of fact. yes. but, have a look at these:

1) You don't need permission if you create the song by yourself, using your own synths and sounds.

2) But if you use original material from the song (or the song itself), you need permission, Yeoh.

"... if you say i must have permission to do a remix like this, why does everyone doing a remix on songs and you guys dont even comment or even report this to the owner?"
- Because, they made their remixes using only their produced synths and sounds, not using the original song itself. They made their basslines, ambients, pads, effects and etc by themselves and by hard work.

Not just by editing a song, putting it into VDJ, modulating pitches of someone's song and adding an acapella using fl studio.

Well, you can do this actually, and you can upload it anywhere but Newgrounds.

My buddy got a warning once just because he remixed Daft Punk's HBFS, using the original acapella, without permission.

Just trying to help you out dude. I'm not trying to be offensive or back up these 2 newgrounders.


DjYeoh responds:

its ok, atleast you understand. But is your friend a licesene DJ? the main lead is which is electro is mine. only the piano is different? and so what if i use the same beat? doesnt count it as his aswell? can be others? some melodies in trance are also the same just taht you are too overwelmed by the mastering

I agree with pinnacle

It does sound the same, well not exactly though.

Even if you did remix,
You used Dave Darell's song WITHOUT his permission which makes you DON'T have the rights to use his song. You made it worse by uploading it on Newgrounds. The song DOESN'T belong to you (even if it doesn't sound like the original). It is under some copyright. Including ke$ha's acapella.

You DON'T upload mixed songs here dude. You upload what you create, not what you mix.

Moreover, you didn't give credits to the original author. Now that's some illegal act.

Have a read on Newgrounds Terms of Servoces before uploading anything here.

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DjYeoh responds:

dude, do you think that other djs asked for permission for a remix of their songs? use a little of knowledge pls if youre not a producer or a real dj thanks! :D gawd you people only know how to criticise people''s work. So, if basshunter wanted to remix my music he must ask me permission? dude its music life, IF YOURE IN THE SAME LABEL AS HIM, THEN YOU SHOULD ASK. Dont push the copyright terms to me if you dont even understand the meaning of remix and permissions. I bet you''re not even a producer who produce music like mine cause im a professional dj with experienece rather than a newbie telling us what to do. So if you say i must have permission to do a remix like this, why does everyone doing a remix on songs and you guys dont even comment or even report this to the owner? for exmaple, Eurodancer and Basshunter tunes. If you''re those idiots who can''t make it in music industry, pls try not to find reasons to throw other producers away thanks! :D

Sounds VERY familiar.

Awesome remix I must say. :)

You stole the song. It's "Dave Darrel - Children (Club Mix)" but you have cut the song down, changed the pitches, notes, added some stuff and whatsoever so that it was disguised as "your" work. I'm not stupid. Try harder.

To any of you who don't believe me, I suggest you hear the ORIGINAL song yourself. Even the intro progression is the same, just at a different pitch.

Dave Darrel - Children (Club Mix)

0 Stars for Plagiarism.

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DjYeoh responds:

did''nt i say i mix it with virtual dj? O.O pls read before posting retarded noob :D and if you correctly, this remix is''nt exactly similar to the original.. dude do you even know the meaning of remix?Doesnt even sound like the original <<<< read this before you review pls read the description before you review Rtard


Please put up the version without kesha's lyrics. She ruins the song with her detuned voice.

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Best mix I've heard of this track

I've listened to a few of the electro mixes of this track and this definitely tops them all. I really like how the intro builds to a cheerful vibe then becomes more moody when the chord progression comes in at 1:01.

Mix sounds pretty much flawless, all the instruments are awesome, the vocals are all in time and work perfectly. The only thing I can really comment on is that this is a pretty generic sounding track. I'd like to see you explore some other sub-genre's of house then bring what you learn into your electro tracks.

Anyways, great track man. Keep it up!

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